Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Focus Is On What ?

Greetings !

I thought it would be good for me to start writing down my weekly plan to stay focused.
This is not in stone and will be modified weekly depending on the situation.  It is a good way to stay focused.

My overall objective is to connect to the great spirit and to find peace in my heart.  In order to do this I must walk a righteous path.  I must keep my temple(body) clean of toxins and impurities.  I must fill my blood with clean wholesome minerals from mother earth.  I must practice meditation and praying daily.  This takes me inside my body and opens up my third eye.  I must be a gardener of mother earth and make sure I am not taking, rather, giving and receiving.  There are many ways to be a gardener in the universe.  Just think if everyone was a gardener of the earth and with the earth.  What would this world be like if we stopped working for greedy people who are destroying the earth.  That's another topic.      Back to my weekly to do list.   

Weekly agenda -

- Set up my market 2 days a week.  Try to do this on Saturday and Monday.

- Devote my entire Sunday to spiritual practice and exposure.

- Devote one entire day to cleaning, and organizing.  This of course is a daily thing.  This includes personal hygiene, laundry, Dakota, and my van.

- Devote two days a week to market art production.  Stock up for setup days.  During this time I will practice the didgeridoo and the native American flute.  Playing these instruments will be part of my market soon as I head more towards healing and becoming a shaman. 

- Vigorous exercise 3 days a week.  Stretch and get the blood pumping everyday.

- Meditate for one hour 3 days a week. (minimum)  Pray every sunrise and sunset.  Not the kind of praying were I ask for forgiveness for my sin and to be saved, I don't believe in that, but for the wisdom and will to be a better person.  For the power of love to over come all people and for peace on earth and the universe.  I believe heaven is on earth and the creator has always given us everything we need to be a part of this heaven.  We just need to nourish it and let it grow within us.  The closer we get to living the truth, the more this will blossom inside of us and on into the universe.   

- Fast one day a week on water only.  I cannot put into words how important this is.  Some believe that we should fast each year, a minimum of days to the years we've been on this earth.  There is no better way to get our bodily system back to center and running smoothly.  I'm talking about giving the blood vessels  a chance to clear out and flush.  This is one of the major reason so many people are having troubles today.  They do not give there bodily system a chance to relax and heal.  Unlike a car we are not designed to constantly have parts replaced within us.  Each time we do have something replaced, it is at a price.  The whole process of allowing our body's to heal and flow gives us a powerful insight to all things in the universe.   This I believe is a foundational brick to our existence.

- Reach out and re-connect with family and friends who I have crossed paths with, along the journey.        

   That's good for now.  I will let this list of things to do, resonate with me for awhile.  I will periodically reevaluate and re-post this list to keep it fresh in my mind.  I understand now why it is so important to prey and write down your thoughts.  The most important thing I believe is to stay focused.  To stay connected to the source.  There are many distraction.  In fact there are so many distraction that if you lined them up they would circle the universe over.  I often asked myself if I were the only person in the universe, what would I be doing ?  I would be connecting with nature and all types of life.  I would be creative in as many different ways as possible.  I would be playing with Dakota and taking care of myself.  I would be a gardener of the earth.  I would be in constant connection with the creator and be forever grateful.

Of course one of the best things about living is sharing it with another human being.  But that's not where you start.      

Blessings !  PBWY - Peace Be With You

JaySun & Dakota

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