Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Its amazing the people I connect with and the experiences I have, when I concentrate on living in the moment.  You know.... the journey really is the destination.
I was driving down highway one, when I spotted a potential driftwood gathering place. (Bixby Bridge)  I pulled over to take a closer look. When I got out to look I saw a beautiful beach a couple hundred yards down tucked in between two sea cliffs.  I then noticed two people sitting down there as if they had camped there over night.  I decided I would climb down and investigate.  After several attempts to find a way down the cliff I realized this was not going to be an easy climb.  I put Dakota back in the van, tightened up my shoes, and began the plunge.  This by the way is a great way to get your morning exercise.  Climb up and down a Sea cliff.  I have to say this was one of the more dangerous climbs I made.  It was very steep and there was lots of loose gravel.  The kind of steepness that if you slip, it would probably be your last slip.  At least until you get far enough down, close enough to the ground, where you might be able to survive a short fall.  The climb was exhilarating and when I got down to the bottom I felt like I had really achieved something.  I was right the two people down here had camped here overnight and where two high spirited young adults.  They applauded me on my plunge down the cliff and where very impressed.  Turns out they came down a much easier way, between the sea cliffs a bit inland from there.  We chatted for a bit, then I combed the beach for driftwood.  I then found  a much easier way back up the sea cliff and made my way back to the parking lot.  After a short while the two people I had met down on the beach showed up in the parking lot.  We began to talk again and next thing I know it was an hour later and we were all sitting in a circle drinking sun tea.       

They were exploring certain parts of the coast that a famous Beat nick author had wrote about.  I can't recall the authors name at the moment but many of you would probably recognize his name. 
We spent a couple hours sharing good conversation, drinking tea, and living in the moment.  It was wonderful. 

After they got on there way, I tried to set up a little market here, because there were lots of people stopping for the view.  For a minute things looked good until a sheriff saw me from the road and stopped.  He was very aggressive and first thing out of his mouth was he was going to confiscate everything I had if I was trying to sell here.  After a brief discussion I convinced him I was organizing my stuff and he went on his way.  Whether he believed me or not I don't know.  I learned something here that in order for me to make this living on the road thing work, I will have to be a lot more low key and or find places I can set up without being hassled.  In some place rangers or whoever don't mind me being there because I don't disturb the flow of others.  But in many places it just doesn't matter because of the law.  The Law.  The thousands and thousands of laws we must abide by even if we are honest good people.  Laws were made for dishonest people.  Laws make  honest people dishonest in the eyes of society.  In the beginning there was only one law.  There are only a few ways to kinda live outside of the laws today.  Either disconnect from society or have enough money to pay your way out of reach from the laws hand.  The only problem with paying your way out is what your sacrificing for that money.  That's another topic for another time.
But it is said, it is easier to thread a camel through a needles eye than to get into heaven as a rich man.  I understand this saying.   I packed up my market and got back on the road north towards Monterrey Bay. 

Peace be with you



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