Friday, August 10, 2012

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Close-up picture of foliage and avocado fruit

Switching from a carb-based diet to a fat- and protein-based diet will help rebalance your body’s chemistry, and a natural side effect of this is your body reaches an ideal weight. Another natural side effect of this is improved memory, calm mind, and happy cellular body.  You are getting stable energy from food.   Mix this in with oxygen from your exercise and you create the ideal fuel for your body to run on. 

Our body's are not designed to continually run on carbohydrates and sugars.  We must balance the fuel our body's use to run on between oxygen and food. Another fuel our body's need is from the sun. The more we get of the sun energy, the less food we need.   If are body's are depending to much on food as fuel, we start to head down a path with many more health issues as we age. 

Good fats to consume are Avocado's, coconut oils, olives and raw olive oil.  Grass fed meats, sparingly.  Wild fish.  Flax seed oil and some other non-heated oils.  Sprouted nuts and seeds.  The more alkalizing ones are almonds and pumpkin seeds.  Nuts and meats must be down sparingly because they can cause your body to become, to acidic, to often.  They are contracting in nature and can give us a disconnection feeling from the universe.

There is an ideal zone for everyone depending on whats going on in there life.  From  acidic-alkaline, to contraction-expansion.  Are we running hot, cold, wet, or dry ? We must understand this, feel it, and find our own alchemy. At least this is true if you want a happy cellular body ?  This of course leads to working out many other important aspects in our being.  Then we are on the path of truth.

GIFE - Good Information For Everyone

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