Thursday, September 20, 2012

Marin County California. Catch up post.

FairFax, California

After spending the night in the redwood forest, at Martijns and Shola's, I began my way west bound, back on Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  A lot has been happening for me in just a short amount of time.  People, places, new energy, familiar energy, it just keeps building momentum.  It is a pleasant drive through the rolling hills and forest in these parts.  After a short while I pull into this wonderful little town named Faifax.  I stop to get my coffee and write a little at a very comfortable little coffee house in the middle of town.  The vibe here in Fairfax is pleasant and relaxing.  I notice that a lot of the women walking around look very healthy and fit.  Not your typical US fitness, but more of a wild outdoor fitness.  Like they are connected more with the outdoors and the great spirit within everything.  I like this a lot.  Suddenly in the coffee shop this beautiful young lady is starring at me.  I start looking at her as she speaks out to me, are you from Venice.  It turns out she had visited my market several times on Venice Beach.  Full of great soothing energy.  I was very happy to meet up with her again.  She is one of those familiar souls you feel like you've known all your life and no time really passes between each encounter.
The town Fairfax is laid out wonderfully. It is personal and comfortable.  You can walk everywhere.  There are many unique shops, including spiritual and herb.  My favorite !  There is also a mega health food store, Good Earth, that is a central hub in the area.  Its awesome.  You are kinda surprised to see such a big health store in a smaller town.  It gives you a definite clue as to whats going on here with the people.  Good vitality. 
After a short stay in Fairfax I made my way to the next small town Sebastopol.  I had met up with an old friend early that week, who was living in Sebastopol.  I was excited to get there and spend some time with him.

Another beautiful drive along the hills, forests, and mountains.

Hardcore Espresso (not great picture)

Arriving into Sebastopol I notice this funky looking Coffee Shop along the roadside and decide to stop.  It's called Hardcore Espresso.  Its not like any coffee shop I've been to before.  It was a wild, crazy, space.  I got the feeling I was docking my space station for a bit and to take a rest from the industrialized, materialistic, consuming, bureaucratic, bullshit reality, we as humans, have created for our self at this moment in time.  Wow ! that was a lot in one sentence, but so true. 
Hardcore is a small funky hut with an eclectic decor created over time by many visitors.  It was a real place.  There were pictures everywhere, of the many good times people have had there over the years.  Including many famous people that I considered to keep their integrity and spirit with them.  There are shells, crystals, handmade jewelry, and other things set around the place along with a local free box.  I love the free box thing.  Several small towns, I've visited, have this special place where they bring and leave stuff they do not want anymore.  Its a great way to keep the good energy cycling into the community.  This stopping place looked like it came out of a Mad Max movie.  Outdoor tables and umbrellas fanned out from the hut. There are canvas type shelters setup, lined with Christmas lights and misting hoses, keeping you cool from the hot afternoon sun.

So the vibe I got from this first stop was a good sign that there are real people in this area.
I got back into my space ship and headed into town.

There were more good signs as I was driving in.  The occasional peace signs on display and funky art installations in front yards.  I also noticed there seemed to be an apple tree or blackberry bush on every corner.  I pulled into town and felt this good calm energy around me. There is as small central park square in the middle of town with many local shops around it.  Spiritual book stores, gem and mineral shops, herbs, cafes, tea house, and a charming whole food store as there central market.  It was great.  Lots of people walking around, hanging out in the park, lounging in front of the market, and most appeared to be enjoying the sunny day.  I walked around the town for a bit and then decided to scope out the rest of the area before it got to late in the day. 
I drive out of town just past Sebastopol, past apple fields, and blackberry patches. I notice there is a good size bike and walking trail that's runs through the entire area and on to the next town.  I like that.  So I'm driving back to Sebastopol after checking out the area when all the sudden I see these arms waving at me from a local market store just out of town.  Andy's Natural Foods. Its my friend who I had met with early that week further south of here.   Its Rollins and Yamha.  Two wonderful human beings that I would share the next week with at a small country farmhouse.

Yamah's country house. My two friends invite me to come back and stay the night at the house. 
It is a comfortable sanctuary with a beautiful garden surrounding it.  They have spent the last couple of years developing a wonderful garden based on bio dynamic principles.  They have all kinds of vegetables growing there.  Squash, peppers, corn, sunflowers, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.....
They have a wonderful worm farm they've cultivated with compost and several composting piles scattered throughout the garden. 
My friend Rollins is a cross between Father Time, Gandorf, and Pan, all rolled into one.  I met Rollins many years ago in Santa Barbra while pulling my rickshaw up the coast.  Rollins has been pulling rickshaws up and down the coast for the past 20 years.

His trademark is an elaborate flower head dress he makes each day from flowers growing in the area.  He designs his own close and makes the most ordinary things blossom like a flower.
He inspires me in many ways.

So I stay the next week at this wonderful country home.  Eating fresh organic vegetables from the garden and sleeping outdoors, on a bed of hay under the stars.  It was very healing and a needed break from the van.  I spend my time talking with Rollins about bio dynamic gardening, the cosmic forces, and creating the reality we all want, made up of concentrated light.  Rollins got me hooked on Rudolph Steiner as well.  A great spiritual thinker of our times.  I heard about him before and finally started reading about his lectures from material Rollins gave to me.  This is a subject I will dive into further another time. 

Rollins in the Garden 
Baby (Rollins dog)
Rollins playing the banjo

Then there is Yamah.  A wonderful light being.  She has and is devoting here life to helping others. She is definitely fire when it comes to finding out answers of the universe.
Yamah follows a strict healing diet, practices yoga, and is focused around the astrological solar system.  She does not hide her feelings inside, and just like her garden, wants everyone to grow and blossom.  I am really grateful for human beings like Yamah and appreciate the love she gave to me while staying and her home.

Downtown Square.  Sebastopol has a wonderful central meeting place in the middle of town where many locals gather and kick back for a bit.  They also setup the Farmers Market on Sundays' there, which I had the pleasure of setting up at.  It was an incredible Sunday.  Lots of great people stopping by to share the love and many lounging in the grass behind me after a spiritual Sunday morning dance.  Apparently a good number of locals meet up throughout the week to dance and release good energy into the universe.  Awesome stuff !

I could go on and on about Sebastopol, but feel like this has been a lengthy post, so will end it here.

For the time being, that is.  I know I will be investing much more time into the area, when I come back down this way, from up north.

Lo Ve

JaySun & Dakota the wolf.


  1. JaySon -

    I've enjoyed reading your posts, and especially like the enthusiastic life-energy that comes through in your writing.

    I found your blog through Glenn's blog to-simplify which I've been following for a few months, along with a few other modern-day nomads such as Wayne Wirs and Randy Vinning. My reason for following the blogs is that I enjoy them, and am educating myself on van / RV living. I plan to join all of you, hopefully in the next few months - if that's what the universe wants to happen.

    The main reason I'm posting a comment is to say "thank you!" for turning me on to Rudolf Steiner's work. I just came across the almost casual reference you made of him, yet because of what I sense about you it impacted me enough to check him out.

    In a word - wow! It was only yesterday that saw it, yet I've read many of the Wiki articles, downloaded several of his books, and am about a third of the way through How to Know Higher Worlds.

    I'm not a neophyte to philosophy and eastern thought (have loved Taoism for years), but his work appears to be the next step for me. Very exciting stuff! Thanks again.

    All the best to you & Dakota! Keep exploring & keep writing!


  2. awesome,
    please get a closer pic of Rollins next time.
    your journey is amazing cause you are!
    so glad to catch up with you here...