Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Treasure Hunting  in the Forest

Greetings friends,

I was hiking in the woods yesterday and I came across the most amazing looking mushroom fungus growing off a tree. 

After a little research on-line I discovered the fungus is called Sulphur Shelf or referred to as Chicken of the woods.  It is edible and when lightly cooked has a similar taste like chicken.  You must identify the type of tree it is hosting off of before consuming.  This determines its edibility or not.  After all it condenses the essence of the dying tree into its mycellium and fruiting body.  Some trees have substances in them that are toxic to us in high levels.

So I'm going to try these mushrooms this week.  Just lightly pan saute in coconut oil. 
If you don't see anymore blog posts from me after this, then its a good chance these mushrooms are not chicken of the woods or I got my tree wrong.

I am so excited I made this fine.  The first rains of the season came a couple of weeks ago so the mushrooms are growing.  It is mushroom season here in northern California.

That means thousands of different types of fungus will be sprouting up all over the forest.  Many of these mushrooms are edible and have magic minerals in them.  These magic minerals can help our bodies in so many ways.  Strengthen the immune system, kill cancer cells, restore our mineral reserves, and so much more.  There is so much about mushrooms and fungus that we don't understand anymore.  I believe there was a time, when we new a lot more, and included them as a major part of our food/medicine intake.  I believe the substances and energy in them activated our brains in ways that tuned us into the cosmos way more.  In my understanding of mushroom spores, they our released from mushrooms at very specific times, determined  by climate conditions.   The mushroom spores have the power to penetrate the earths atmosphere and reach outer space.  OK we definitely know somethings going on there.

I believe it is a great idea for people to include mushrooms into their diet.  There are a hundred ways to do this.  Just be aware of the source.

There are many ways along the path of truth.

Peace and Lo Ve

Jayson & Dakota the wolf.      

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