Monday, October 1, 2012

Willitts, Ukiah, Lakeport California

Greetings my friends !

In this post I will touch on several places I passed through heading east from the coast.  It was wonderful to get back into the warm sunshine.  Driving across highway 20, I first ran into Willitts
California.  A small town with a good little vibe.  There are lots of nomadic travelers in these parts.   They flock into the area looking for trimming work or just passing through in route to Oregon.  I only stayed in town for a little bit, until a local, directed me to a great swim hole 15 miles from town.

The Eel River.
Me standing in the Eel river.
       Local people I met enjoying the river.
This was a great swimming hole.  The rivers around here are pretty dried out this time of year, but this one still had plenty of cool water for a nice swim.  In fact it was around 20 feet deep, Crystal clear, and full of large boulders.  There were lots of crawlfish, small fish, and hundreds of tat poles with 2 legs tarting around the place.  This was an sanctuary for frog breeding because large fish didn't seem to make it here.  The drying up of flowing streams provides sanctuaries for many types of life.  Yet another very sacred vortex in nature that the creation and continuation of life proliferates.  The more I'm out in nature the more I understand the connection of all life and how each part make up the whole.  This is true for everything.  When you really break it down everything is made up of minerals, light, and or, microscopic organisms.  Then twe have spirit, consciousness, and soul, that enter into the equation at different levels with different things.  There is almost nothing we as humans can add to this equations, artificially, and expect comparable results.  Our focus should be nourishing and growing what is already there.
Back to the river.
It was the best ever.  I spent the afternoon soaking, snorkeling, playing with Dakota, hanging out with new friends, and washing off the abalone treasure, I just found on the coast.  After a god day I packed up the van and made my way to Ukiah California.  I stayed here for the night, did laundry, shopped at the local co-op, and then made my way east again.  Into Lake County.
This was lake country.  Lots of streams and lakes.  The mother being Clear Lake California.  I  choose the southern route alongside the water.  (Highway 20)  The weather was hot and dusty.  It was another beautiful drive in these parts.  After a short while I pulled into Lakeport California.  A small lake town located off Clear Lake.  It had lots of character and one of the best town parks I've seen. 
If I were pulling my rickshaw across country this town would be an Oasis. I would have stayed a few days and rested up before hitting the dusty trail again. 
It was calm and quiet around the lakeside park. People were lounging comfortably in the picnic areas and playing on the grass.  I met a wonderful painter and craftswomen creating art.  I stopped and chatted with 3 chaps hanging out watching time go by.  It was a great place to stop and reflect on life.   Finding places to stop and ponder ones life is essential to our evolution.   This is a major reason I like to travel.  To find peaceful sanctuaries for reflection and to evaluate my present moment. 

     After a short stay, Dakota and I got back on the road and made are way towards Grass Valley.

Roadside art
Roadside art
A view from Lakeport
     Peace be with You

JaySun & Dakota


  1. Hi JaySun,
    I come to you from Glenn Morisette's To Simplfy... I am enjoying your blog and started from the beginning. Great photos and writing. Love Dakota on the boulder!

    Your wonderful aura of light and positive energy shines clearly through. You make me smile! I plan one day to live in a van and travel also. Do you sell your artistic creations online? Hope you survived the mushroom! Keep writing and Happy Trails :)

    1. Thank You beautiful soul. Your comments make me feel very good inside. I am going to think about how I want to get my stuff online in the next week or so and I will let you know. Yes I survived the mushrooms and they were wonderful. Taste just like chicken !

      Peace & Lo Ve