Sunday, August 21, 2016

To be in the flow,
is to know,
is to glow,
is to grow.

If you look back and my previous blog posts you will see that there is a pattern here.

I've been on the road now for the past 25 days.  In some ways it feels like a lifetime.  So much has happen in this short time frame. Lots of friends and adventure.

I continue to grow more grateful each day.

This year my journey is different in that the time frame is tightened up in order to get back to the healing waters in Ojai.

Lots going on there and a very precious time to help create.

This year I am focusing on my three amazing places.  Bolinas, Mendocino, and Mount Shasta.

My first stop in Bolinas was epic.   I planned my arrival around low tide.  This way I could enjoy the healing hotspring on the beach.  Literally 20 feet away from waters edge, the ebb and flow.

It filled my heart to see an abundace of starfish this year after a die off the past several years.

This sacred hot water only reveals itself for several hours a day during low tide.  There is a cave in the back corner there, which is filled with sea anemones, crustaceans, and starfish.  It is amazing.  5 or 6 people can fit back in the cave while others enjoy the pool outside.  Back in the cave is the main source and the water is hot.

After a bit of time soaking in the hotsprings a jump in the cold Ocean water is invigorating.

Moving on up the coast.  This was a spectacular driftwood hunting stop I made.  As always I am looking for unusual pieces of driftwood for my art.

Bamb !  Ocean Plants.  Seaweed.
Life sustaining nourishment for us, same as the planet.
After a couple hours heading up the coast, past San Fransisco, I arrive at one of my many destination.
A large part of this northern journey I make each year, is to gather some of the best food on the planet and become one with the mighty Ocean.  

I spend a couple of weeks gathering and drying out seaweed for the year.  This is some of the best food on the planet and contains all the nutrients are body needs to sustain our temple.

This year I tried line drying the seaweed a bit, but decided its more simple to set out on tarps and let it dry that way.

As always my trip along the coast was amazing.  I made regular stops and new ones.  I spent time with my west coast family who mean so much to me.  Its was the first time I made the journey up the coast without Dakota, the Wolf. At times was difficult, but he is always with me in spirit.  I felt his strong energy often especially as I recognized those familiar places he would rest and play.  His physical presence was missed.  If I could give anyone a bit of advice on their four legged friends, I would say hug them often and appreciate them always.  They have been sent to you for a reason.  Its not by accident they are there with you.  They teach us a lot about ourselves and how to live in the moment. (LOVE)

 Now I am on my way to the Mecca.  Mount Shasta.  Here I will gather plant medicine, climb the mountain, and jump into the freezing cold spring water.  I will also be visiting Dakota's resting place.

Its great to be alive !




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