Saturday, June 30, 2012

Intoduction to my Blog :


     I developed the wrong idea about life at a early age. I spent the first part of my life lost, confused, and with lots of toxins in my blood. I had bad eating habits and ate about everything.  I later realized that I should not have been eating certain foods because my body reacted to them in a negative way.  I continued to search for answers until the light began to shine through the fog. I was in Dallas Texas working for a large advertising company, when I started to have small awakenings that led to a profound epiphany.  I was sitting at my desk recalling several childhood memories, when all the sudden they all converged into one memory.  That point in my life, where I had lost confidence in my own (heart) perspective, and started trying to look through the eyes of others.  This caused lots of drama, frustration, and unhappiness throughout the next 25 years of my life.
Dakota the Wolf Dog

The reason I didn't wake up sooner, was due to constant numbing of my feelings, with alcohol, drugs, food, you name it.  So I slowly began wake up, thank God, thank the Great Spirit, the Creator, Divine, etc...   Not long after this, I had another epiphany, to start a new journey in life by walking across country.  This was the only way I could live my truth immediately, as I saw it,  without getting sucked into another person bad reality.    I began to have epiphanies constantly and it had to do with viewing life through honest truthful eyes.  There is a universal truth that applies to everyone of us.  To be a little dishonest throws the whole train off the track.  Its like your not going to get, to where you want to, if your heading in the wrong direction.  We all want peace and happiness inside.     In order to walk across country I had to come up with a way to make it work.  I needed a way to carry enough food and gear.  I knew that being able to stock up on reasonable priced food was very important.  This is pretty much all I had worked out at the beginning, which lead to the idea to build a rickshaw.  I built a rick shaw, loaded it up with the essentials, got rid of everything I owned, and started my journey across country with my best friend Dakota the Wolf. 
 Dakota and I spent the next 3 years walking across the USA. We started in Dallas Texas heading west. We walked through Texas, into New Mexico, on through Arizona, and finally into California.  We then made our way up the California Coast to Arcade.  The entire walk was around 3000 miles.  We stayed in many places for weeks and a some for a few months.  It all depended on the energy around us and my ability to make money along the way.  The walking taught me a lot about living in the moment and not judging things by there appearance.  We encountered many great people along the way who were my in-spirit-ation to keep going.
Venice Beach Market
When eventually reached the point where it was time for a change.  I then gave away my rickshaw to a couple living in the redwood forest and caught a plane to Ohio.  I went back to where I was born to rest, reconnect with my family, and re-charge for the next adventure.  Dakota and I got a small van, with the help of my mother and Dave.  I then traveled around the east coast a bit, before heading back to Venice California.  This is the place I began to be creative and start my own market on the beach.  I can right a whole book on the experiences I had in Venice and how it helped me to evolve.  Lets just say, because this intro is a brief intro, that I tapped into the art of living.  I gained life changing knowledge of cleaning out my blood and replenishing it with good clean minerals and probiotics.  Its mind blowing on what this can do for your outlook and participation in life.  It felt like I was growing roots out of my head, tapping into the Cosmo.  I spent the next 6 years in Venice growing and taking care of myself in a new way.  Although Venice had been great to me, I realized it was not the place for me.  My health started to decline for several reasons I am conscious of. One major reason was that there are to many people packed in together in the L.A. Babylon.   The air is dirty, there is a constant energy flow of suffering, and to many people who are walking zombies.  I don't care if your Jesus, or Buddha, eventually the surrounding will start to affect you in a negative way.  I spent the next so many months saving my money and investing into a new van.  I converted the van into a home on wheels, with a kitchen, bed, desk, and small living room for Dakota.  I also spent the next few months giving away or selling everything I owned, (accumulated) again, for the second time.  The best way to regain our freedom is to let go of all attachments.  My next adventure is heading up the coast for the third time.  Only this time I going to make it my way of life,  The next chapter of my life.  I want to get to know the coast, and inland from here, like the back of my hand.  My objective now is to be in nature as much as possible.  To have great experiences with others, and evolve in a spiritual and artistic way.  I will learn to live off the land more and find areas around California where I can setup my creative spiritual market.  I am developing a spiritual practice that is something everyone should do.  We cannot evolve spiritually unless we practice.  Direct our energy to spirit.

This is my first entry into my new blog that will document my life for the next ? years.    The blog will develop and evolve over time as I practice the art of written communication.   I plan to document those special places and moments on my journey that I feel are the most significant.  I also want to share with others who I have interacted with along the way and keep the energy flowing in the universe.

I have great respect and am very grateful for the life I have been given.  I now walk the path of a realist, in search of a truthful reality.  I will concentrate my energy on that which will allows me to grow with The Great Spirit.  I am grateful to all that read this blog and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As I mentioned before, the blog will develop and evolve over a short amount of time.   I will publish a new post every week.   

Peace Be With You !  
JaySun & Dakota the wolf.

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  1. Hey there. Just found you through Glen's blog "To Simplify." I'm not a spiritual person but I do enjoy a good travel blog :)