Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Next Journey - Ojai California

Aloha my friends !  This is the second posting of my new Journey since I left Venice Beach. (July 5 2012)  I started traveling up the coast in search of the source.  To get in touch with the source within me and to grow with the creator.   I made my first stop in Ojai California to rest and organize my van.  Ojai is always a place for recovery and getting stronger.  I soaked in the hot springs and jumped in the cold springs everyday I was there.  This is one of the most healing things we can do to get our body's back on center.  I explored several new areas around the mountains and poked around in town as well.  There are several great places to get wholesome food around Ojai, that of course is crucial to healing.  My three favorite places are the Farmer and the Cook Co-op in Miener Oaks, Rainbow acres in Ojai, and the Raw Food Warehouse also in Ojai.  Once place that is worth mentioning is Meditation Mound on the south east end of Ojai.  Wow !, what a powerful experience I had there.  Its a amazing place located on the top of a hill surrounded by wonderful lush vegetation.  There are several meditation temples located on top where people meditate everyday.  In fact for the last forty years there has been a morning meditaion on the mound projecting positive thoughts and energy into the universe.  I had the pleasure of sitting in on a group circle meditation.  I had a profound experience meditating with others in a circle and channeling our energy together, into the universe.

Ojai is without a doubt on of those places to spend time and connect with the source.  Like any place you must get to know the ins and outs a little before things open up to you.  We cannot run through a place and expect it to be wonderful and everyone be open to us.  Well at least most of the time, because people must protect good things from the sleeping masses.  It is ,however possible, to expect this when you are illuminating with a high vibration within.  This started happening to me on Venice beach.  A few special individuals would come up to me as if we had been friends for many life times.  It was wonderful in a odd familiar way.  Even though we had not met in this life before, it was as if little time had past since we last encountered ourselves meeting together.  There is a Comos connection that reveals itself to those who choose to wake up. 

Pine nuts -  Yep you heard me right.  A first for me was the collecting of pine cones for medicinal food.  Dakota and I went to Rose Canyon park at the top of a mountain off of highway 33. (outside of Ojai) It is an amazing place and as we started hiking around we noticed pine cones laying around the ground.  Not pine cones like we've seen before because these pine cones had been stripped clean down to the core.  I knew right away that these pine cones were being stripped down for the food inside.  Pine nuts are what bears and other mammals use to beef up on before the winter season.  They can also be eaten throughout the winter season in some place where other food is scarce.  I decided I needed to try these nuts and began collecting them for this purpose.  I tried to pull the nuts out and this proved to be to difficult.  These were no small fragile pine cones, rather big gnarly cones that stabbed you if you were not careful.  After some trial and error I finally came up with a technique to get to the goods.  I would set the pine cone upside down on a boulder and smash down on it with a large rock.  The nuts would then come tumbling out over the rock and ground for collection.  You then just needed to peel the casing off and enjoy the wonderful nut meet.  It was very powerful food.  The food from the wild is so different from the food we consume from stores.  The best example I can give of this, is when I find a wild dandelion root walking on a hiking trail.  I pick off a few leafs and eat them.  For the next half hour or so my tongue is green.  The minerals are strong and vibrant, full of sun energy.  When I buy dandelion leafs at a health store I and eat a whole bundle of them, my tongue barely gets green for a few seconds if at all.  I wish I had taken picture of this and will do so for sure in the future, as I develop my blog and the art of communication.

I think that's good for the second posting of this adventure blog.  I want my postings to be short and sweet.  There is so much to do and so little time to do it.

Stay focused.

May peace be with You !

Jayson & Dakota. 

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