Friday, July 6, 2012

On the Road again - 3rd post

Hello my friends !  This is the 3rd posting of my new blog.  At this point I am going to briefly write about several places I encountered along the road as I continued my journey up the California Coast.  As I travel along the waters edge I am pulled into stopping often to view and experience the spectacular places were the Ocean meets the land.  Sometimes it takes Dakota and I, hours to get 30 miles or so because we like to stop.  Our walking adventures taught us how important it is to experience the journey along the way and not just be focused on a destination.  (Stop and smell the flowers - The Journey is more important than the destination.)
The next place we reached after Ojai was Santa Barbra.  Lots of traffic.   Santa Barbra is a huge tourist destination so I decided to keep moving up highway 1.  I need more peace and calm now after getting out of LA.  As I was leaving Santa Barbra I noticed a hitch hiker flying a sign for a ride up north.  I didn't plan on going to far that day, so I hesitated before stopping to pick them up.  I decided to see how far they wanted to go and stopped.  The hitchhiker was a female in her 30's who looked like a young tall guy from the distance.  Lisa was her name and she was from up state New York.  She had come over to the west coast several months ago and was traveling up and down the coast for exploration and freedom.  She had super short rusty brown hair, wore a hemp necklace, and clothes that were starting to show signs of serious ware.  You never quite know what to expect when picking up a hitchhiker, but you can get a good idea at the get go, by striking up a conversation and looking them directly in the eyes while doing so.  The eyes usually let you know whats going on.  If they are blood shot or tweaked out, I usually offer them some food and words of wisdom, then go on my way.  If they are mostly clear, white, and the person looks me directly in the eyes while talking, this is a good sign they are an honest seeker searching for a truthful reality.  This is why a certain percentage of people are hitchhiking across the country and living outdoors.  To find a better place and get out of a bad place.  Lisa was 31 and had spent time after school, first as a bus driver, then as a corrections officer in a women's prison.  Talk about a hard core reality check.  It sounded as if the prison job had really awakened something within her.  This was a wonderful time for me to share the wisdom I had acquired over the past 20 years.  About people, mother earth, and about food as our medicine.  Its amazing to me how the food connection is so lost in our country today.  Disconnected from the truth/source.  It is the cause for many of the problems people are facing today.  They don't feel good, they are tired, they can't focus, or they cannot expand consciously and connect to the spirit source.  Much of it starts with the bad eating patterns and toxic foods being consumed today.  I plan on writing a short book about this and fasting.                      
Dakota and I, and my new friend Lisa headed up the coast on highway 1.  The next place we stopped was San Luis Obisbo (SLO).  A great coastal town/city located a few miles from the ocean.  SLO is a laid back college town that is a good place to stop and relax for a bit. It has a large creek running through downtown that is adorned by local sculptures, vegetation, small restaurants, and my favorite spot, a small park by the creek and a Missionary.  This is where I hung out for the day practicing with my dijereedoo, spinning, and rolling fresh sage I had picked off the Ojai mountains.  Lisa and I stopped by a thrift store on the way out of town and Lisa bought a new change of clothes for $7 bucks.  With the new change of clothes you could not even tell Lisa had been living outdoors for the past 3 months.  She looked healthier and better kept than most people who live in doors.  We continued on highway 1 up the coast.  Shortly after SLO came Hearst's Castle.  We stopped for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful landscape.  The coast really starts to change from this point on.  Once you get to the castle area the water edge is met with seacliffs and mountains.  The vegetation starts to change from small bushes and a few scattered trees, to large bushes and small patches of forest with large trees.  This is where the wonderful and powerful Big Sur Coast begins.  After making several stops I was given a tip by a local that a spectacular water fall was just a bit north of us.  This was exciting news to me because after all a major way of life for me now, is to soak in the pure earth water.  The foundation of life.  Many people are becoming tuned into this now as the popularity in collecting spring water is growing.  There is no better one thing you can do for your health than to soak (or drink) in water full of minerals, filtered naturally by the earth process, and cleans the impurities away from your body.  Its like you are dead just before taking that sacred plunge into the blood of the earth.  You then feel as if you are born again.  This feeling grows stronger the more you do it.  In fact the first month to year it might make you feel a little sick because your body is adjusting back to where it should be.  This is a whole another topic I will write about.  Back of the waterfall just up the road.  Its off of a trail called Salmon Creek.  What a spectacular place this place.

Salmon Creek Water Fall
       This picture does little to represent what you see and feel at these falls.  The falls drop 70 feet into a crystal clear natural pool at the base.  I swam and soaked in this pool and felt as if I were reborn into this world.  This water was one of the coldest temps I've jumped into.  After jumping in cold water consistently it gets easier.  (like everything)  Eventually it becomes an addiction.  One of the few addictions I welcome.
It was wonderful to watch and feel Lisa's reaction to this special place.  At first, it was if she was a little kid, running around a play ground.  She then transformed into a soft calm child,  as if she was in the arms of her mother. (Mother Earth)  After watching me jump in she decided to do the same.  With all her clothes on she took the plunge and came up from the water like she'd been born again.  I sensed she was perceiving this surrounding of nature in a new light.  It felt to me as if she had not given so much attention to the connection we have with nature in the past.  I think after hearing me talk so much about it and how it makes sense to our wellness she was giving it here attention like never before.  As we we leaving it was wonderful to hear here say, "I'm coming back to this special place." 
You can also be sure that I will be coming back to this magicl place often.

JaySun & Dakota                          


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