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Spirtual Teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh

Aloha my brothers and sisters !  On Sunday July 8th 2012 I went to a morning meditation with my new friend Vans.  I met Vans at the Coffeetopia on the east cliff of Santa Cruz.  Vans is also living in his van like me and that struck up our conversation.  Our van talk quickly turned into spiritual talk as we are both putting attention to our spiritual being.  Vans said he was meeting with friends later in the morning for a weekly mediation and prayer they did every Sunday.  They focused there spiritual practice around a Sant-Saint (master of the highest order) named Kirpal Singh.  The place we went o was a beautiful house setting in the Redwood Forest.  There were many sky windows in the ceiling of the house so it felt like you were in the forest while sitting in the living room.  It was an amazing meditation session.  It was the first time I said down with my eyes closed in the Lotus position, putting my attention inside, for an entire hour.  I have been practicing meditation for a bit now, but I have never stayed still and calm for an entire hour.  It was a breakthrough in my practice.  It brought about a very peaceful state of mind.  Its even more powerful when there are others around you focusing their energy in the same way.  You feel surges in the light and I believe its from those around me.  After all you cannot separate yourself from the energy around you.  You either become a part of it and flow, or you do not flow with it and that is no good for your wellbeing.  The spiritual meditation and practice that morning was awesome.  It was yet another bit of proof to me that the core truths of all religious/spiritual practices are similar.  Another insight to me on why there have been so many religious and spiritual wells dug around the world over time.  I feel in large part its because the power of god consciousness must be taught by the living word.  Meaning a person must experience this consciousness through there own journey in life to communicate it to another with efficacy.  Times are always changing and so must the living word.  Change in how it is communicated for the times, but stay the same in its fundamental teachings.  It appears to me that the truth gets lost in most teaching though the written word and by those trying to teach from the written word.  Its almost impossible to teach the truth unless you are living it.  There is a difference between knowing the truth and understanding the the truth through study.  
Anyway the original teachings from Kirpal are wonderful.  I'm not quite sure of latter Sants that follow him, because I felt a disturbance in the force with one of them.  But that might have to do with the written word being used as there source.

A little overview from Kirpal Singh teachings ,                
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Talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh, London, 17 September, 1972Talk available as MP3

Manbody is the highest in all creation. It is an golden opportunity we have got, because in this manbody alone we can know God. And to know God we have to know ourselves first. Because God cannot be known by the outgoing fa­culties, by the mind or intellect. With the intellect we only try to grasp cer­tain things. It is the soul alone that can know the oversoul, because soul is of the same essence as that of God. God is All-Consciousness and our soul is a drop of the ocean of All-Consciousness.
So to know God we will have to know ourselves first. Like knows the like.
But unfortunately our soul is environed by mind and outgoing faculties. Our soul is under the control of mind, mind is under control of the outgoing fa­culties and outgoing faculties are dragged like anything by the outer enjoy­ments. So all Masters said that we should know ourselves first. "Know thy­self! " East and West makes no matter, you see. Those who have known God, they say the same thing. To know ourselves, we will have to know it not at the level of feelings or drawing inferences, but by self-analysis, by rising above body-consciousness.
How to? The outgoing faculties will have to be controlled, mind to be stilled and intellect also to be ceased for a while after understanding what is what. Only then we can know ourselves.
It is a matter of pure self-analysis, rising above the body-consciousness. To know God at the level of feelings or drawing inferences are subject to error. Seeing is above all. And this practical experience of rising above body-con­sciousness is to be had at the feet of someone who rises above body-conscious­ness daily.
Saint Paul said: "I die daily." Dying daily means what? We have to undergo the same process as at the time of death, when the soul leaves the body. Plu­tarch tells us: "Those who are initiated into the mysteries of the Beyond, their soul has the same experience of leaving the body as it has at the time of death."You know, the outer expression of the soul is attention. At the time of death the attention is withdrawn from all outside. When anybody goes to a man who is just dying, this man does not recognize anyone, because his attention is with­drawn from all outside. Then the lower body is benumbed, lower chakras are broken, we come up to the seat of the soul in the body which is at the back of the eyes. Then the eyes are upturned.
Learn to die, so that you may begin to live!
So knowing oneself – as I told you, this experience or demonstration can be had at the feet of somebody who rises (above the body) daily. He is also com­petent to give you a demonstration of the fact that you are the very life in the body and not the body, you see?
So this manbody is a wonderful house we live in; in which there are so many apertures: that of the eyes, of the ears, of the nostrils, mouth and two under­neath. But we cannot run away out of it. We are controlled. So our body works so long as we are in the body. And we are in the body so long as we are con­trolled in the body by some higher Power, which is – according to the scrip­tures – the God-into-expression-Power, called Naam or Word. When that Pow­er is withdrawn, we have to leave the body.
So, rising above body-consciousness by self-analysis gives you practically what is knowing oneself. When you know yourself, you see that some Power is con­trolling you.
One is leaving the body when the karmic link is broken, when the silver-cord (which is based on the reactions of the past) is broken; such a soul never re­turns. But if you know how to rise above body-consciousness while alive, this process is the same, but then you watch some Power is controlling you.

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