Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eureka !, I've discovered Sea Salt. Around Bodega Bay.
This was an awesome day !  I was combing the sea cliffs and beaches for natural treasures and boy did I find one.  Sea Salt.  It doesn't get any better than this.  This is a spot in the rocks near the waters edge were natural accumulations of salts appear.  There were many signs of salt along the rocks, but not like this mother load.  It was crystallized and packed in enough were I was able to fill two small jar of fresh sea salt.  This is the type of salt, I've come to understand, that is the most bioabsorbale for our body's.  I know this to be true after trying many different types of salts.  Its not hard to figure out when you put it on your tongue and its dissolves right into your mouth lining.  Its also full of ormus minerals.  According to David Wolf these minerals are in their infant stage and have one foot in the door to another dimension.  It is why we should eat more uncooked food products too.  They have the young minerals in them more absorbable to the body.  When we cook minerals they pop like popcorn.  This makes them less absorbable to the body and ages them.  This computes to are body not really getting what it needs from them and causing a lot more work to process them through.  Its the same reason why we want to be careful buying cheap mineral supplements.  Its a business of making lots of money.  Quantity not quality.  When you source out and handle quality ingredients carefully, its not cost effective to large companies. 
Back to the sea salt.
It was a real treasure to me to get this salt in such a raw form.  No prior handling, packaging, shipping, etc.....  The more handling of it, especially without care, causes it to age faster. 
I just read something recently from Rudolph Steiner, that explains most salt does not make it to the brain like we need it to.  Something to do with its levitational properties and how absorable its is.  Basically, to much becomes a toxin in the lower part of the body, while our brain is telling us we need more, more.
There is a similar response with many other types of minerals in our body's.
One way to tell if you are getting good Sea Salt is to see how moist it appears.  If its sticking all over the sides of the jar and on the under side of the lid, this is a good sign.  Or just put it into your mouth.  See what happens. If its good salt, it should immediately dissolve into the lining of your mouth. 
   Ya Baby !!!!!!!

North of Bodega Bay California.

Lo Ve & Peace
JaySun & Dakota the wolf !

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  1. another great post Jaysun! how cool!
    i love how you quoted David Wolfe-"one foot in the door to another dimension" describing the sea salt.
    the levitational properties ARE what makes it climb up the sides & on the lid.
    Wait till you hear the next download on living sea salt !!!!
    that 2nd to last picture is trippy! & i super love the first picture of you!
    Beautiful & wonderful!
    Try & save me a pinch!