Friday, September 14, 2012

Farming in Fort Braggs !

I'm a little bit sore today.  I spent my time yesterday harvesting vegetables at Noyo Hill Farm.  It was a great experience, thanks to my new friend Matthew who allowed me the possibility to help out. 
I met Matthew, his wife Theresa and there three beautiful kids at the farmers market in Mendocino.  After a bit of conversation we hit it off and talked about me coming to help out for a bit.  It is a wonderful farm with vegetables as far as the eye can see.  Also on the farm are turkeys, chickens, ducks, sheep, and goats.  There are several dogs on the farm as well that run around and help keep things in order.  The farm is totally organic and uses bio dynamic principles to enrich the soil.  There were small signs of this (bio dynamic farming) all throughout the farm.

The magic starts with the soil.  There are many techniques to apply to the compost, to enrich it with life and make the minerals more absorbable for the plants.  These techniques have been used for centuries and were passed down from generation to generation, before conventional factory farming took over.  Factory farming appeared to make things easier for the farmers at first, but is now causing all sorts of problems with the growing process, and the environment.  When this happens it directly affects/ and causes negative effects in humans.  The problems now associated with chemicals being used, soil being over farmed, and seeds being genetically modified for certain conditions is a catastrophe to the human race and the planet.  Its also another example of large corporations burning through the the natural resources for large profit.  That attitude of, I'm going to get as much as I can now, and not concern myself with the future.   I could go on for days about this.
Back to the Noyo Farm.
I learned a lot this day about harvesting vegetables.  When they are ripe, how to take them from the earth, the different types, when to plant them, and how to package and care for them according to the vegetable.  I also learned how physical it is in constantly bending over, weaving in and out of the plants, and hauling the boxes out of the field to their new destination.  This was all very easy for me to just jump in for a day and get my hands in the earth, but to do this constantly, takes hard work and dedication.  I no that many small farmers do not do this for the money now a days.  Its a life style in growing the best medicine/food for their family and friends.  Selling their surplus is just a way to make it all pan out.  When you start growing food for money only, it creates problems, the quality is sacrificed for the profitability.  Of course we are the ones that suffer the consequences.  Don't think for a minute that the decision makers of large factory farms are eating their own conventional food products.  They are buying the organic produce from the local farmers markets. (non gmo)  There I go again.  Its so hard to comprehend how we've been blinded into poisoning our temples/body's.  We pay for it in many ways.  First threw the hard work to be able to buy them, then by the negative effects they have on our body.  Finally by destroying the soil and land for the future.  Home gardening is the way of the future.  If you want the best food ever, start growing it yourself.   Or get as much of it as you can from your local farmers market.   
So I helped harvest, package, and then watched the vegetables drive off in a old pickup truck, to the  farmers market.  It was the best day ever !   I then went to the farmers market to see the final step in this farming process.  I love going to a farmers markets.  There can still be some conventional grown foods there, so be careful.  Just ask the person selling the produce how its grown and if they don't look healthy themselves, its best probably not to buy from them.   I always check out a persons eyes.  If they are not white and clear, I tend to stay away from them.  Alot can be learned by looking into someones eyes.   

     Ya Baby !!!!!!
Thank You Matthew for this awesome experience I had !
JaySun & Dakota      


  1. Hi JaySun,

    I will be following your blog after today, it's terrific, I looked through it for a 1/2 hour or so. I came across it from Glenn Morrisette's To Simplify blog.

    I am up in Shasta County right now but after your blog I now have a real hankering to get over to the coast. I have been up and down the CA coast numerous times but away now for ten years too long.

    Thanks for sharing and the positive vibrations!


    1. Thank you Dave for the good energy response.
      I'm heading over towards Mount Shasta in a couple of weeks.
      Been there before and I love the area.

  2. Hi JaySun,

    Found your blog as well from Glenn. Looking forward to following your journey.


    1. Blessings Tina !
      Thank You.
      JaySun & Dakota the wolf.

  3. awesome! organic gardening rules! & biodynamic too, whoa!