Friday, September 7, 2012

Point Reyese Station


Ok, here we go again ! On to the next adventure.  So I'm driving through this incredible land and it just keeps getting better.  The rolling hills, the grass land, the lagoons, the bays, the mountains, the forest, and the fresh water springs flowing to the Ocean.  It is everything.  It is life, spirit, and soul.     

I pull into Point Reyes a small town tucked away between Drakes Bay and Tomales Bay.  Another natural vortex area on this great planet.  There is this wonderful small town feel along side the Ocean that is very peaceful, yet active and full of life.  As I'm walking around the town I feel this laid back energy and joy fullness from others around me.  People stop and say hi.  They take a moment to play and admire my wonderful companion Dakota.  Its a community.  There are many small local shops including art, health food, grocery, spiritual, and herbs.  I am particularly impressed by the small herb shop here, because there are some of the best herbs I've ever seen.  They are whole plant herbs and full of life.

The Garden of Eden, run by a beautiful spirit named Eden.  You can tell she takes great care and devotes lots of energy to the quality and care of these herbs.  Its important to understand here that many of the herbs and health supplements are only beneficial to us if they are wild or organically grown, harvested, and packaged with care.  They maintain the synergistic energy's within them.  To start they must come from a good source.  The plants place of orgin is crucial or that the plant is grown in a  place with similar surroundings and conditions, as the place of orgin.  The plant needs this in order to produce the types of nutrients (medicine) it is known for.  Everything in the plants surroundings plays a role in how the plant develops.  Its kinda like you can build a car anywhere, but if you don't include the right parts, it won't run.  It still looks like a car, it just doesn't work.  You can grow a plant anywhere, but it won't develop certain parts that make it work,  if it doesn't have the material.  Anyway, this herb shop, the Garden of Eden, is a wonderful place.  You can order her herbs on-line or I recommend stopping in, if your ever around Point Reyes. 

So I'm buzzing around this beautiful place and I have several pleasant encounters with local people living in the area.  I'm feeling the right type of vibes here and know its a place to invest in.  Point Reyes runs along these two wonderful bays, Tomales and Drake Bay.  There is something about this road Sir Francis Drake Blvd. that is really special.  It runs off towards the Ocean and along the bays.  It then starts with Point Reyes, through the mountain forest to Laqunitas,  Another small magical town.  Then after a short wilderness drive you are in Fairfax.  There are cold water springs to soak in and drink from along this route.  Its magic !  I wish I had the pictures to shed light.  I need to get better at capturing the moment on camera.  I guess for right now I'm just to entranced in and on enjoying the moment.

So I start to drive up the coast to Mendocino and notice a VW van parked in a nice comfortable spot along Tomales Bay.  There are two dogs outside the van and my intuition tells me to stop.  I get out, let Dakota out and the other dogs immediately start checking us out.  This beautiful girl steps out of the van to greet me.  Shola is her name, from Holland, and she has this mystical glow of life to here.  After a few minutes of talking with her, her companion Martijn appears from the van and we all start getting into the wondrous magic of this land.


It was really the great spirit in everything that brought us together.  The two were not separate and the three of us were one.  After an hour or so of talking with them, I decided to go back another route and check out the fresh water springs they told me about.  It altered my route and led me back to Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  We exchanged contact info and I went on my way back down the coast and inland.  Sure enough I found the fresh water spring from the road and began to drink up.  I could really feel the power in the water as it flowed through me quenching my cells.  I began pulling out all my empty jars and filling them up with this living water.  All the sudden I see the VW van pulling round the curve and stopping along side of me.  Its my two friends and it turns out they live right around the corner from here.   They invite Dakota and me to come over and visit for awhile.  Its was awesome.  This exchange of living energy and sharing the love.  Martijn and I head over to the ink wells before going to the house.  The ink wells are large granite pools filled with pure spring water running down the mountains.  We jumped off the 12 foot boulders into the chilled water for a bit of rejuvenation.  Its was incredible.  I cannot tell you how beneficial it is to our well being to soak in the pure cosmic water.  After a bit of swimming we went back to this amazing house set in the Redwood forest.   Martijn is quiet the handy man and had lots projects going on.  Remodeling the house, building a office space next to the house, refurbishing a 40 foot bus, landscaping, etc...Shola was a splendid host making tea often and nourishing food.   
They took me to the top of an amazing mountain with a view of the land all around.  You could see the many valleys and canyons in the area.  You could even see the bay area around Berkley and Oakland.  Its was awesome.  We then finished off are night with a warm fire on there back patio.  I spent the night and headed on my way the next morning. 

This was one of those special moments in life that made everything seem blissful.  I loved communicating with these two awesome humans from another land.  Holland.  It seems to stick in my mind one of the things they mentioned to me when we were talking.  About community.  While  settling into the USA, they seem to feel a real sense of false community in there experience.  Like a lot of U.S. citizens are playing the role of community, but without any soul. 
I know this to be true and believe a major cause is a direct effect of big business taking over the land.  We do not invest much into our surroundings beyond selling and promoting.  We need to build small micro structures within the macro.  Today we have for the most part big businesses controlling everything.  So the focus is taken away from the people and on the people.  It is dominated by the ability to bring in large profits for a few.

Anyway this is changing !  It will never go back to the way it was, and cannot, but it will go back to, for the good of the people.

We can all do are part in this and should all do a part for this.  Its as simple as how we live our everyday lifes.  What ever you do, keep the spirit in it.  The spirit that connects everything together in the cosmos.  The spirit that Jesus sacrificed his life for and that Buddah devoted his life to.
When ever in doubt, don't leave the spirit out.

Blessings !


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