Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Greetings my fellow spirits !  It is early morning and I am in Mendocino California, sitting in a coffee house writing.  I am going to jump ahead a little today and write about my first Kayak adventure I went on yesterday. 

Wow !  What fun and a great new perspective to have of the Ocean. 

It was so magical and mysterious.   Gliding over the kelp forest starring down into the depths of the water.  It was a rough day on the sea, but because we were surrounded by large boulder islands, the big waves didn't reach us.  They were all around us though, which made the power of the Ocean that much more present.  I have snorkeled around these parts often, Van Damme State park, but its not the same when your in the water.  Your a part of the Ocean in the water, your more of an observer of the Ocean, when your in a kayak above it.
The most spectacular part was paddling into the caves that line the coastal waters here.


The swell of the water expands and contracts while in the cave, making sounds like that of a giant blue whale, blowing water through its blow hole.  Its seems like the water is going to just swallow you up, but the land boulders keep it from exploding and breaking.

We traveled through several caves along the coast and were greeted by a huge seal fishing.  We could see starfish, large blue fish, small fish and the many types of seaweed that line this coast area.  This place is rich with life force. 
I am grateful for the expirence I had while kayaking on the Ocean.  It was so exciting.  I have to say I'm hooked and soon I will be displaying a picture of my van with a kayak strapped to the top of it.  I can explore the coastal waters so much more.  I can also use the kayak to explore the many rivers I come across. 

I met the owner of the Kayak Adventure company many years ago when I came up the coast for the second time.  Crey.  He sets up regularly at Van Damme State Park.  Just south of Mendocino.  I recommend everyone try it out if your in the area.  Just look up Kayack Mendocino.  You will be glad you did.

Thank You Crey !

Ya Baby !!!!!!!!!
The more we are in and on the Ocean, the greater the understanding we have of its importance to everything on this planet.  We also become more aware of our own existence in relations to everything in the cosmos.  To all my relations I am greatful for.   

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  1. looked like a wonderful day!
    loved the pictures!!!
    you look kinda scruffy in that one pic with the funny face. : )
    Greg may not miss you at the beach,
    but I do!!!!