Friday, October 19, 2012

I LOVE the YUBA River !!!

If you look closely you will see people scattered among the rocks, all the way up the river.  It was like this continually. 

Grand, humbling, Divine, full life force energy, its really hard to put into words the type of feelings you experience in the presence of such a spectacular natural vortex. A major blood vessel of the planet.

Ok, so I'm thinking yesterday about the whole river concept.  A river is a medium to large, flow of water creating a waterway.  A spring is anyplace water seeps from the land from an aquifer.  Where the water meets the land.     Now, a stream is a body of water with a current, so a river can be a stream and vise versus.  But a spring is not necessarily a stream.  Or at least its a spring first, then turns into a stream, making it a creek.  You see a creek is a small stream.  Where a river is a medium to large stream.  Creeks can run into rivers, but a river does not run into a creek.  Wait a minute that's not right a river can become a creek again.  I got it.  A river could flow into a channel and create a small flow of water, or a stream, and a creek.  Now there are tributaries and forks.  There are tidal creeks or estuary, which is the portion of a stream that is affected by ebb and flow of ocean tides.  This however is another whole story in the cycle of water.  Its quite laid out perfectly.

It quite clear to me now, it takes a bit to grasp onto, but you really come to understand much more
once you've experienced it out in nature. There is so much more behind it than just flowing water.  Although flowing water is the source.  Now the reason I thought about this was I have rarely been to such a water place, as the Yuba, before. I've been to springs, creeks, and rivers, but this magical place is more than just a river. Its a natural vortex on this planet that is a phenomenon.

This large stream was once a gold mining river.  There are signs of it everywhere.  You still see the occasional pan handler sifting through the gravel on the banks of the river.  Its like you are transported to the past, back in the days when humans still where of the land.  Another wonderful thing about this place is the beautiful people that gather here daily.  Many are  land loving, breast and butt bearing, tree hugging, rock laying, bird singing, sun absorbing, fish swimming, human being, that are in tune with the connection they have to the planet earth.

My first impression of this place was, wow it looks like a cool place.  My impression after being there for a few days was, tremendous, spectacular, and amazing.  I feel like I've been transported to another dimension.

There was a small gravel parking lot that always seemed busy.  Its in the forest off the the side of a small cliff over looking the Yuba.  I'm not quite sure how they did it, because the road was so narrow and rough, but I saw several campers and even a huge hippie bus make it down here.  One evening a band set up in the parking lot and had a performance.  Many of the visitors park along side the road coming into the area, because the lot is to small for the many that venture here daily.

Twice a day I would go swimming in the Yuba river  
As you make the dive into the water your are first overcome by a chill all over your body.  It is exhilarating and jolting at the same time.  It takes a few seconds to adapt to the cold river water and settle back into a comfort zone.   It then becomes charging like your plugged into an electrical outlet powered by the earth.  All aches and pains disappear and head fog gives way to clarity of the mind.
As I swim up river, against the current, I imagine myself a trout building strength and endurance for a healthy life.  I open my eyes up under water and see many types of fish swimming around me.  The bottom of the river, the river bed, is layered with a blanket of different types of gravel stone.  It feels like I'm in a big fish tank at times.   After a bit of submerging in the river, I flap out onto a large boulder warmed by the sun. Now I imagine myself a sea lion basking in the sun absorbing nutrients and power from the rays.


Almost daily I would find myself meeting new travelers and discussing the wonderful place we had discovered.  The Yuba.  There are many regulars here and even a few that live here full time.  One man I met had been fasting and healing a hernia for several months here.  He seemed connected to the the source as mush as any man I've met before.  Alex was his name and he had long white hair with a beard to match.  He was an elder here and a guardian of the river.  Many musicians gather here at the Yuba and play delightful music until sunset.  There are flute players, guitarist, drummers, violinist, didgeridoo's,saxophones, and a bunch of other instruments I don't know the name of.  Every evening there was either a bunch of small jam sessions, or one large mother jam happening.  The air was always buzzing with energy, and people hoping all around the forest, as if there was a small hobbit village near by.

There were plenty of sightings of earth creatures. Deer, goats, bats, birds, squirls, lizards, snakes, and  lots of talk about mountain lions and bear.  Apparently the bears and lions are seen around here occasionally and some people have had direct encounters with them in the forest. 

There were several small springs in the area, one in which I drank from while staying here.
Not only did I soak in the living water, but I drank it to.  Very healing.

I set up a small camp area tucked away in between large boulders.  It was perfect.  There was even a spot for my canine pal, Dakota the wolf.  Of course there always has to be a spot for the wolf.  I tried sleeping down on the beach the first few nights I was there, but it proved to energizing. I believe it had to do with being so close to the water current and its constant vortex.

At first I felt this was not a place to setup my market,  you know keep it separate from work.  Then I realized that my work is part of me and it was a great way to interact with the community.  I now understand, to a greater degree, that the magic blanket I setup, is not just about making money, its about meeting and sharing with others.  Its about nature and our connection to the earth.  Its about creating and being free.  Free to experience living life.
The Yuba a Magical Place.

There's more....
I will do one more post on the Yuba.
This blog post is pretty long already, so with the idea of keeping your attention, I will wrap it up with one more post.
Peace & Lo Ve
JaySun & Dakota the wolf.

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