Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Yuba, last post.

There are two roads into the south Yuba Fork where I stayed.  One road went out to Nevada City, highway 20, the other crossed over a bridge, headed up a ridge, and put you out into San Juan.  San Juan is a great little bleep in time on this planet.  There are only a handful of small businesses that service the small village, two in which I frequented often.  One of these was named Mother Trucker, a small co-op type farmers market place, and the other called Cafe Ridge, a way cool coffee house/cafe.  I would often make my way up the ridge in the mornings to get my coffee, get online, and write in my blog. 

Cafe Ridge is a special place to relax and to meet many of the people in the area.  The Cafe sports a very loungy environment indoors and out..  There is a patio out front, a music room inside, and a great backyard.  The backyard is filled with plants, small lounge tables, a little stage, and lots of lawn to spread out.  The people here are very friendly and the energy is that of a small town get together.


Between the mornings at the cafe and rest of the day on the Yuba, I was always meeting new people from many different places.  I like that.

I spent a day fasting on the Yuba with a new friend of mine.  Veat was his name and he was from Israel. We both are very much on the path of truth.
I would meditate often and sun gaze constantly.  It was a time for reflection and rest.

I spent a lot of time playing the dijereedo on the river.  A great way to get in touch with Spirit.  There were many musicians on the river, so I gained valuable insight on playing this instrument.  It is a great way to practice breathing and strengthen the lungs.  It is a great meditation that helps get the energy flowing through you.  Everyone should play some type of instrument for similar benefits.  Its not about how good you get, its about the discipline and expressing yourself in a creative way.

During my stay on the Yuba, I gained clarity on a issue that had been disturbing me.  It had to do with this thing about interacting with others.  I have always felt uncomfortable with group settings and communicating.  I believed I was the type of person who likes to interact with a few people or one on one.  This is true to a point.  Partially, because I have trouble hearing out of one ear, which makes it hard to stay in the conversation under certain group circumstances.  The other side of this is, I am simply not interested in what  many people are discussing.  What I mean by this is, I often find myself around people talking about sports, politics, TV, Hollywood, the gloom and doom, or just gibberish in general.    Now I am clear after 41 years, that I don't relate to many people, because none of that mentioned above means anything to me.  It cripples human evolution.  It is a distraction that separates us from spirit. Without a spirit core nothing really matters. 
Of course there are always a few exceptions, but I am talking in general. 
What would happen in human evolution if there was no more T.V., or movie screen to consume our attention ?

The type of people I need to be around are those people talking about, nutrition, spiritual practice, nature, and the universe. When I do find some good conversation on these later subjects, I listen better, I am into the discussion, and love interacting. I still must be in a good situation for hearing, but it doesn't seem to be as much of a problem then.  Of course it took some real life changing experiences, before I had anything to discuss or contribute in a conversation about that mentioned above.  

Even at the Yuba I only connected with a handful of people on these topics.  However, there were many young minds that were interested in what I had to share about my life experience. 

I stayed at the Yuba as long as I could.  I was running out of money for supplies, so I had to head somewhere to make more money.  I had tried finding work around the area, but in the short time I was there, nothing came up.  I did set my market up many times, but there wasn't enough traffic to generate, what I needed in order to stay.  Or at least that's what I came up with in my mind.  For one reason or another, I decided it was time to move on.  I don't need a lot of money, but I also don't need to be stranded with no money.  Or Do I ?

The life experience I had at the Yuba was illuminating.  It showed me that being in nature with others is were I need to be.  It tuned me into the changes I need to concentrate on.  The old patterns and beliefs that I still have not shed completely.  It re-enforced my connection with all things.  In no other time have I felt more connected to the universe, than I did at the Yuba.  Each night the stars flooded the sky above and every night I would see them shooting across the galaxy.  Many times it felt like I was up in the galaxy.   
The Yuba experience I had shed more light on my path.   I am heading in the right direction, but still have a ways to go, before I will truly know peace in my heart.   Before I transcend.

It not about connecting to the great Spirit (god, Divine light)?   This happens often.  Its about staying connected with Spirit, in everything we do.  This is when we start to truly rise to a higher place. (Transcend)

Peace & Lo Ve

JaySun & Dakota the wolf.


  1. I very much enjoyed both of your Yuba posts. It looks like a wonderous place indeed. My spiritual path sounds a lot like yours, and I often meditate out in nature or take my drum and play and sing or chant for the trees and wildlife. Sometimes it seems the birds gather round and sing with me. Blessings to you! Paula

  2. Jayson

    Yes, these were excellent posts, I am going to look for a few warm days to head that way in the next week or so since I am maybe 100 miles away.

    I'm with you, I am a sociable person but alienated by most people and groups in particular. Frankly it's much easier for me to experience the world in a spiritual sense when I am on my own.

    Nevada City is a pretty cool town with good FAT Music Radio coming out of there, you might be able to sell some art there.

    Happy Trails my friend...

  3. I too like you "I have always felt uncomfortable with group settings and communicating" unfortunately I've been in these situations way too often. Looking forward to my traveling days and definitely will stop at the Yuba. Great post!