Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Amendment to my last blog posting.  (How I become Spiritual)

There are several additions I would like to include in regards to how I become more spiritual.

The first practice that I owe much of my spiritual growth to, is putting myself out in nature.
In the forest, on a mountain, on the beach, or in the desert.  These are my sanctuaries.  The places I go to, to really connected with the Divine Spirit.  Since 2003, I have devoted much of my life to being in these sanctuaries.  Away from the distractions.  I feel the more time we spend in nature away from the distractions the stronger are connection to Spirit.

The second practice in my journey is with food.  In addition to nourishing my body, its just as important that we practice better food eating behaviors.  This has been a roller coaster.  I am very conscious of what goes into my body today.  I am constantly working on my discipline with eating patterns and behaviors.  This has proved very challenging.  I grew up eating a lot, all the time.  This caused many problems and disconnect me from the source.  Learning how and when to eat is very important in keeping ourselves feeling connected.  If we over indulge or put poisons into our temple, this interferes with our spiritual vibration.  The less food the better.  There are certain foods that have higher concentrations of minerals, that also work better in fueling our consciousness.  This has everything to do with the source of the food.  Body, Mind, & Spirit connection.  After we decide to stop eating certain foods, we go through a powerful detox stage.  During this time we can feel weak, than strong, strong than weak.  Eventually we have to find out what are body is not getting anymore and replace with a good source of food (medicine).  For example, I pretty much stopped eating meat and breads after my fast.  This was great at the time and what my body needed to detox.  I felt incredible for a time being and then things started to go wrong.  I started getting weak and felt tired all the time.  I stopped sweating and I could tell something was not working right in my system.  I finally came to the conclusion that I had depleted my B12 reserves.  I excluded many toxins with those foods but also I excluded my B12 supply.      
I could right a book on all this, and might someday, but for now, I will just mention this as very crucial in my becoming more spiritual.  Its difficult to feel spiritual if you don't feel good.  Its difficult at first to stop eating so many foods you are use to, but once you've stopped eating them, you start to experience a new level of feeling good. You just have to stick with it and listen to your body.  Then you don't want to eat those bad foods anymore because they make you feel awful (disconnected).  These are your typical poison foods like gmo's, and those foods your body reacts negatively to (the forbidden fruit).  This is different for everyone.  The blood type diet is  great place to start.                  
Back in time, there was a reason the best quality food sources were saved for the the elite.  And its not just about the food tasting better.  Its about the higher vibrational charge they would experience.  There is also something about the types of foods that activate certain elements in our consciousness. 
This is not to say becoming more spiritual is about the food we put into temple.  It is part of it though.  This is about becoming more spiritual by making sure we are supplying the temple with what its needs to hold the vibration of the and spirit.  Some beings need a little, some beings need a little more, and other beings need a lot more.  It depends on the state your in and reaching homeostasis.

A third addition that I am focusing on is making sacrifices.  Sacrifices for acknowledging the Divine Spirit (God).  Taking moments throughout the week to give my attention and direct my energy toward building my bridge to God.  An example of this would be, not eating meat on Sunday.  I often go many days without eating meat, but always on Sundays, in reverence to the creator and to all life.  I plan on making this a fasting day eventually.  Writing this article I have just had an epiphany about more things I will give up, temporally, in my recognition of the the creator.  There are many things that we consider comforts and indulge in daily, that takes effort for us to not do.  This is the sacrifice.  A sacrifice nourishes the Christ in me and is good for humanity.  I believe this is crucial for my spiritual growth.  If you are not a vegetarian that's fine, eat meat.  But give it up for a day or two.  Not because you believe eating meat is wrong, but because you are making a sacrifice to the creator.  You are giving animals a Holiday from being killed and you are helping to sustain the planet. You are giving your temple a rest to heal.  But most importantly you are building your bridge to the creator.   Other great things to give up would be, sugar, fish for a week, coffee for a day, drugs, alcohol, TV, computer, anything that you indulge in daily.  Of course this one of the greatest thing about going to Church, you sacrifice part of your time for the Divine Light.  Your make this sacrifice with others which it more powerful.  Finding the right Church for you takes a little effort and being open minded.  Your church might be out in the woods with some friends, or around the corner from you in the red brick building.      

The important thing heres is that I make sacrifices.  This makes me more conscious.  This makes me more spiritual.  We do dont make sacrifices for ourseves, we make them for the good of humanity and the universe. 

I have been given free will.  What I choose to do with this freewill, will determine who I become.

Becoming more Spiritual.  This topic is eternal. 

I have touched on several major practices I do in order to become more spiritual.

When we focus our energy on this we achieve it.

Blessings !!!  May Peace be with you.

JaySun & Dakota the wolf.


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