Thursday, November 8, 2012

O.K., so I'm at the Staff of Life yesterday (Santa Cruz), a local health food grocery store.  They have a great outdoor courtyard where many locals relax, eat, read, talk, and work on there laptops.  I was reading Rudolph Steiner when a gentlemen strikes up a conversation with me.  He was asking me what I was interested in and I found myself instantly replying about being spiritual.  He then asked me how I go about doing that ?  Being Spiritual ?

I hesitated for a minute after the guy asked the question and then started responding with several practices I do.What a great question ?  A great subject to write about and put into words.  There is a lot to this questions.  I thought about answering with something, but realized I needed to think about it.  There was no short answer for this.  This question is serendipitous for me at this time.  The question jolted me, there so much to it, and many different ways to become more spiritual.  It has been in a constant metamorphism stage for me lately.

There are a lot of ways in filling ourselves with Divine Spirit.  Connected more to the source and to our own divine being within.  Everything we do should include spirit and therefore make us more spiritual.  However this is not the case with modern intellectual thinking.  The kinda of exoteric thinking happening today leaves the spirit out of the equation.   Causing us to be less than spiritual.

Being spiritual ?  Is a state of being we nourish everyday in solidifying our connection to the creator.
We are all spiritual simply by existing, but God, must be present in everything we do, to be considered spiritual beings.  A state of being.  Not a way of life, rather, the way of life !

Staying connected to this spirit is crucial and there is an accumulating affect in doing so.

When we disconnect, we become unconscious, we loose this accumulated strength we have established with spirit.  In a way we must start over each time.  Its kinda like those new efficient energy light bulbs.   The spiral ones.  When you flip the switch on, they barely illuminate.  However, after some time, they become brighter and brighter, and begin to illuminate everything around them.  If we always turn off the switch (disconnect) before it gets bright, we will always be somewhat in the dark.     

I have heard it said that the only sin, is to look away from god.  In that case the majority of us sin, most of the time.
This means to me the only journey in life, is to find our way back to The One Source.  The distance in our separation with god varies with everyone.  I believe we are connected with the source at the start, and then turn away, as we become distracted by the distractions.  For some this separation starts immediately and for others much later in life.      

We are so distracted by money, material objects, and physical human desires, that we've lost are spiritual sense.   We project anger, pain, fear, and suffering into young souls.

We should be praying first thing in the morning when we wake up.  We should communicate with God throughout the day.  We should be praying before we fall asleep each night.  Every choice and decision we make should be based on our spiritual growth.  This is a delicate matter.  Up for a lot of discussion.  The most powerful thing we can contribute to the the evolution of humanity is peace and love.  We must diligently seek this from within.  We must feel it, to give and share it.    

What does being spiritual have to do with Jesus ?
            At this point in my life this means a lot to me.
            It means to me that people were heading away from the type of human
            evolution, on this planet, that was intended.  Kinda like today.  An evolution concerning love,
            creativity, compassion, sharing, joy, coexisting, and in transcendence.
The Grace of Jesus brought this into the consciousness of human beings as much as anything ever has. 

What does the Crucifixion and Resurrection mean to me ?
There is something about the way many people preach Christianity that is not right.  As a young child I was turned off to it immediately and stayed away from it until I was 40.  I could hear what these people, who called themselves Christians, where telling me, but I was not seeing it.  I could not make the connection. 
Then after many trials and tribulations throughout life, I started reading about this Divine Being. Almost immediate I felt this powerful connection to Jesus.  What a wonderful Sun of the Creator.
There are many reasons Jesus died on the cross.  The main reason, was to wake us up, to our higher purpose for existing. To direct us back to the Divine Light.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  His persecution that led to his crucxifiction was to oppose the authority of the time.  To show people that they were being lead down the wrong path.  To show us that there is something greater to life than death of the human body.  To connect us back to the Holy Spirit and the Divine being in everything and everyone.

Crucifixion, Tintoretto, 1565

As it happened, earthly beings lost their connection with the divine light, and through intellectual thinking, without spirit, began to only see a part of the big picture.  This thinking included the material world and the death in all earthly matter. This was also leading to the death of the human soul as I understand it.   

If Jesus had not been in direct connection with god and illuminated the Divine spirit in so many, the souls of humans may have perished into the earth entirely.  Human beings were separating and drifting away from the Light. (a sin) Through the resurrection of Jesus a new bridge(Christ) was constructed to the source.  To the unproduced, producer of everything.  Humans learned that intellectual thinking is not to be taken in totality.  Through the resurrection of Jesus, human beings became aware again, of life beyond the human body.  Of a greater purpose.

What does this mean ?

To me this means that we as soul and spirit beings, have a choice to end our existence.  Perish like that of flesh and bone, of dead earth material, or transcend beyond our human body, as soul and spirit, back into the white light.  In order to do this we must open up our heart, mind, and being, to the universe and the Divine Spirit in everything.  Get and stay connected.  Or we perish.  It even might be that we keep coming back to the earth, until we get it right.   

Its interesting the whole idea about becoming kids again, to enter the gates of heaven.  When I was a kid I used to squint my eyes and star into the sun.  There would be beams of light shooting from the core in every direction.  I always felt I was communicating with the sun this way and had a special connection.  Later I blew this off as being child's play and stopped doing it.  Plus I didn't want to damage my vision according to modern science.  I now understand that I was connecting with the divine spirit, in a very powerful way, with a pure heart and unobstructed perception.
As kids we do not let intellectual thinking or science influence and direct our feelings and thoughts.  Are heart is open to the universe so we create a powerful connection to the Spirit in all things.  
Today, I star into the Sun of the Father, everyday.  For a couple of seconds, for a few minutes, and know it to be very important in my connection (bridge) with God.    
O.K.  so what does this mean ?

 How do I become more spiritual ?  I work on building my bridge.

Or another example would be a thick gauge wire.  The thicker the wire the more electrical current can pass through the line.  I work on making my wire (bridge) thicker so my connection to god is stronger.  Every good deed, every prayer, every bit of time we sacrifice to acknowledge the Divine Spirit in everything, is making the wire thicker in diameter.  We can not expect Divine energy to flow to us, and fill us,  if are wire is really thin.  Or we cannot expect are light to be bright.
It takes more than good intentions.  You must let go of things and surrender.  You must take chances and follow your heart feelings inside.  There are many ways to do this and you don't have to wind up on the street with nothing.  Or maybe you do ?  We cannot float around in a bubble.  We must clear away distractions. 

There is a saying that goes, in order to go within, you must go without. 

To be spiritual I must dig into my own consciousness and let go of those things that do not serve my higher being. 

How do I become more spiritual was the question that led to this blog posting.

At the present moment I focus on several things each day to become more spiritual.

Many believe that spirit enters us through the breath.  I believe this.  My breathing exercises are one of the most important things I do.  I am constantly bringing consciousness to my breath.  Relaxing, focusing on a deep inhale and a smooth exhale.  Bringing in the air, holding it, feeling it circulate beyond my lungs, into the blood, and to the different parts of my temple.  I concentrate on breathing in and out of my stomach.  This way of breathing brings the air in on a deeper level.

I try to clear my mind and focus on my third eye, often throughout the day.
I close my eyes and concentrate on my penal gland. I do this especially after looking into the sun for a few seconds.  I do it in the sauna, I do it before going to bed, I do it for direction and focus.  I do it breathing.  The objective is to silence my mind.  I become more present an accountable to myself and God when doing this.  Some days I find it more difficult to do than others.  This lets me know that I am experiencing a blockage.  There are many ways to block the spiritual flow of Divine energy. Negative thoughts, food, toxins in the body, sleep deprivation,  illusions, ignorance, not nourished, etc...

sun gazing - moon gazing - star gazing
A practice that is very important to me now is Sun Gazing.  Gazing at the Sun of God.  This gets me in tune with the cosmos.  We are constantly in flux with the galaxy.  We as humans are both plants and animals.  We are all of nature and the universe inside.  We are constantly being effected by the rising and setting of the sun.  Are bodies are made up of water, minerals, light, and Divine spirit.  What about bacteria ?  Are bodies are host to trillions of microscopic plants and animals that can help us or hurt us.  Having the energy from the Sun flow through us, puts us in balance, and strengthens our connection to the universe.     
Keeping the system moving and flowing with the energy of the cosmos, has to do with clearing
out the dead matter that accumulates in our body's.  I try to keep the pathways unobstructed and flowing.  The lymphatic system, the circulatory system, and the respiratory system.  I feel that I should be having at least 3 good sweats a week.  I take this a bit further and after sweating from exercise, I head to the sauna to really sweat out the toxins.  I love doing yoga in the sauna.  After the sauna, I head right to the showers, to rinse my body off of the impurities, that are released from my pores.  To keep the tissues clean and the organs full of vitality, I exercise with weights, and do lots of stretching.  I do not lift weights for building muscle, although muscle is built.  I lift to stretch the muscles and organs for elasticity and to purge out toxins, that have made there whey into the tissues.  Muscle are there for a reason, and believe me, you digest food a lot better when your ab muscles are fit.  The muscles around your organs help those organs do there jobs better.  I do believe there is such a thing, as to much muscle, which then becomes a problem to the organs and body.  Everything in balance.

I have done one major fast in my life (8 days) and it felt like I was reborn.  In fact it felt like I was growing roots out of my head into the universe.  Since that major fast I have fasted occasionally a day here and a day there.  This is one of the most profound things I have ever done.  The connection with, whats in are bodies, and how it affects are consciousness, is way more than I ever imagined.  Fasting clears out the mind, it gives are organs a break, and a chance to heal after years of over working.  It stirs up feelings and releases old emotions that have been destructive to us.  In order for me to involve spiritually I must continue to progress in my fasting.

mineralization -
Just as important as cleaning out dead matter, it has been very important for me to replenish with minerals, that still have the magic (spirit) in them.  These are the minerals that have been grown consciously and carefully handled until they reach me.  They are from a good source.  It has been a bumpy road in learning, but I am figuring it out.  We must all be are own alchemist, and diligently figure out, what works for us.  I can say this that when my body has everything it needs, I feel incredible.  Several times I have experienced this natural ecstasy, in a very  profound way, over the past 5 years.  Powerful and peaceful are good words to describe it.  I believe this has played a huge part in my spiritual awakenings.  If the light bulb is made of good quality material it will shine brighter, stronger, and longer.  I have recently waken up to the living salt connection and how importance it really is.  There was a reason they called it white gold and solders were payed salaries with it.  It is essential to life.  Many people today are experiencing illnesses because they do not have enough good salt in there system.  The most powerful conductor of electricity is salt water. 
I am the salt of the earth.

grounding -
Connecting with the earths electrical energy has made a huge difference is my ability to function.  In my mind and throughout my body.  Its like all electrical devices.  They work better, and last longer, when they are grounded. We as humans are electrical devices also.  This electrical charge we carry has everything to do with us being alive.  There are many ways I ground myself.  The best I found is to jump into the Ocean, or a body of water.  The next is to walk barefoot on the earth.  I even wear a wire around my arm, when sleeping, or on a computer, that is connected to the grounding plug of a building.  This has an accumulative effect, and penetrates deeper into the tissue/blood, over a longer grounding session.         

soaking in the living water and allowing the living water to flow though me.
As mentioned above, this is one of the most powerful ways to connect to the earths energy.  It is also a great way to build nerve force, strengthen the circulatory system, detox and mineralize all
at the same time.  This by far has been one of the most important spiritual practices I do.  While I'm in the water, I automatically do breathing exercises.  Going under holding my breath and clearing out my passage ways.  Not only do I soak in hot springs and cold springs, I drink the water as well.  God water has everything you need.  Imagine that.  It dissolves the dead matter accumulated in our system and carries it out.  It kills fungus, bacteria, and viruses.  It delivers minerals to our cells in a form  they can use immediately.  There is nothing better.   

Tubular ... shining  
practicing acts of compassion.
Each day I am on the look out to practice acts of kindness.  My goal right now is to at least do this once a day.  More is better.  I do give  money to those who need it, but that is a delicate situation.  Giving money, as many do today, is not a spiritual practice, more a way of trying to buy into spirituality.  That doesn't work.  It is important to engage directly with that thing you are doing for good.  The real power comes through this.  Examples of things I have done in the last couple days are.  Stopped and changed a flat tire for a family on the road.  Stopped on the side of the highway to give my support and love to  a fellow seeker.  She was riding her bike across country by herself.  She has more courage and power in her, than the biggest man ever will.

being grateful
I spend many moments throughout the day, looking around, and inside, focusing on what I am grateful for. Being grateful focuses my energy on what is good in life. 

I often ask myself, how can I be a better gardener of the earth.  My work cannot separate me from the source.  What is it that I can contribute to life ?   

I have had many blessings in disguise.  I am not afraid to die.  My only wish is that I can share my life with another, and others before leaving.

Perhaps the human experience is to find our way back to the original source of everything.
In our daily practice, and how we build our connection to god, gives life meaning.

It is true, true that if we leave this world practicing god-good, being pure in our hearts, we will transcend back to the source.  I bet my life on it.  With this being said, the only thing I should be doing on this planet, is communing with god everyday and sharing the light with everyone.  Walking a path in search of the truth.  The connection with the source.   

I am heading towards this ecstasy in living.  I can feel its presence.  I do not have a solid connection to the source yet.  I have not let go of old patterns completely.  But everyday, I wake up and ask the Divine light to fill my being, and give me the strength and will.  I know I am building a  bridge to god and walking with him.

I am on the path of truth to become more spiritual, with the Father, the Sun, and the Holy Spirit.

Blessings !    

Its not about whether there is a God ?, its about how we are going to stay present with the Divine Spirit ?   

Life isn't about finding your spiritual self. Life is about creating your spiritual self.

jaySun -
a truth seeker


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