Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa Cruzzzzzzzz

Hello wonderful loving human beings !

I have spent the last couple of months in Santa Cruz California.

Awesome place.  Its definetly one of the places that will be a regular stop.

The nature, the people, the energy, and the spiritual environment is without a doubt, one of those magical places.

Santa Cruz has been very kind to me. 

First off you have the nature.  A spectacular Ocean setting with coves, natural bridges, sea cliffs, giant waves, and lots of Ocean life.  Almost daily, I see schools of dolphins, seals, and sea otters.
The beaches and cliffs are always streaming with lots people.  They take the time to enjoy this beauty and appreciate the gift.  They're are many parks along the coast.  I usually setup my workshop on what is known as West Cliff.  They're are many types of birds, including a couple of hawks, that make this their home territory.  This is also a major stopping and resting place for the Monarch butterflys. They migrate up and down the coast every year.  On any given day, I usually see 10 or more flying around the euculyptus trees.
Then you have the wonderful trees.  They're are a plethora of different trees scattered throughout the city.  As you randomly turn around many corners, you might be greeted by a 50 to 100 foot tall giant tree.  It is humbling and makes you much more aware of the power of nature.  Gradually you get beyond the city and start to enter into the Redwood forest.  Here they're are thousands of giants.  It becomes more difficult to determine the time of day, because here you are under the canopys.  The sky only reveals itself in small patches as you walk through the forest.  You have state and local parks everywhere in this area.  Then you have the mountains.  On, and on.........

There is a wonderful eclectic mix of all types of people in this area.  I have heard Santa Cruz referred to as the little mecca.  Its so true.  They're are people from all around the world here.  This place is a melting pot of many differnet cultures.  I really enjoy the diversity.  Lots of down to earth and grounded human beings here.  A person could be living in a million dollar home over looking the Ocean, or in a small mobile home, and many times its hard to tell the difference. 
I have many great interactions with people here in Santa Cruz. There is this special nieghborhood feel to the area.  I cannot count all the smiling people I see everyday.
Local sustainability is not only preached here, but practiced as well.

The spiritual environment in Santa Cruz is very apparent.  Yes like anyplace, some people lack the spiritual vibration, but here in Santa Cruz, they're are many walking around illuminating with a spiritual charge.  This is so important.  Many places I go, I have to search for the needle in the haystack, to experience this spiritual energy.  I have only just begun to explore the spiritual organizations here in Santa Cruz.  One place I have mentioned in a previous blog is, The Land of the Medicine Buddha.  What a spectacular place.  I attended a mediation there.  There is always something going on.  The next place I plan on volunteering is the PCC.  Pacific Cultural Center.  They offer yoga classes everyday, throughout the day, and many spiritual programs.  There is so much going on here in the way of spirituality, that you cannot even keep up with the many offerings.  Another activity I intend to get involved with is the spiritual dancing going on here is Santa Cruz.  Thursday, Saturday, and, Sunday, they have what is called Dance Church.  Many people gather together and show their respect to the Divine, through dancing.
I could go on and on about the spiritual activity here in Santa Cruz.

The health focus here is strong.  Many more health grocery stores and herbs shops, than I've seen in most places.  This says a lot.  It lets you know whats many people are in tune with here.  There are lots of gyms, yoga studios, bike stores, surf stores, hiking stores, etc....

The focus on the arts is spectacular.  There is always an abundance of creative activities taking place.    Theater, art shows, film festivals, dance, museum exhibits, comedy, sculpture, pottery, painting, jewelry making, the list is endless.  They have special housing set up for artist throughout the city. They encourage  the arts, as much, or more, than any place I've seen . 

Santa Cruz is a vortex of life activity.  It took me a little time to see everything going on here.

As with everything though, you only see that, which is within.
If you don't see what you want to see, then change yourself from within.
I have to be love, in order to receive love. 
Life is short !  Be in the now.  Its the only thing we really have.

Lo Ve

JaySun & Dakota the Wolf   

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