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The Forbidden Fruit (Food)

Are you consuming a forbidden food ?


Do you ever feel disconnected, anxious, tired, nervous, stressed, foggy headed, or angry ?  Do you have nightmares at night ?

There is always a good chance your are eating a forbidden food.  In fact most people do.

Eating these foods can lead to many negative symptoms.

Everyone has forbidden foods they should not eat.

Everyone should not be eating everything.

Forbidden Foods
In the context of biology, poisons are substances that cause disturbances to organisms,[1] usually by chemical reaction or other activity on the molecular scale, when a sufficient quantity is absorbed by an organism. The fields of medicine poisons are generally defined as substances absorbed through epithelial linings such as the skin or gut.

When in doubt leave it out.

Hello my friends.

I recently put another piece to my life puzzle in order.

It has to do with the types of foods I was putting into my temple.

Even if they are organic, raw, from the best source ever, and blessed by the divine, there are still some foods we should not eat.  The forbidden foods.

Why ?  Because certain foods have different types of substances in them, that react negatively with our blood.
This can disturb our cell metabolism,  causes our blood to clump up, wreck havoc on our stomach lining,  and affect are insulin levels.

What that equates to is all types of problems.

A great place to start figuring out what these foods are, is with your blood type.

Other than that, you can have medical test done.  $$  This can really help or be worthless. 

Traditionally it has been done intuitively, by those who are in tune with there bodies. (with their feelings)  Of course most of us have lost this ability growing up on the standard American crap. 

For me, I never really reached a state of bliss growing up, I always had something chemically off in my body.  It was just a matter how good I could feel under the circumstances.  Of course when we are young, many times we are not aware of the negative effects foods have on us.  Its kinda like a new automobile.  If we are hard on it, and put dirty gas in it, it still seems to performs alright at the start.  It never ran the best it could on the dirty gas, but still ran. After some time of being hard on it, everything starts to fall apart.
When we are young we don't notice as much that the engine is always hot, parts are being stressed to the max, and pathways and mechanisms are clogging up.

Eventually we become aware.  This takes longer for some than others.  We can numb our feelings with anything and everything we put into our bodies.  Some human beings are forced to start becoming aware, some decide to wake up, and some never wake up until that last minute after their final breath.  It is really a touch of grace that begins this initial awakening, and it can happen to anyone if they want it to happen.   
 Forbidden Foods

So I have been on path of great medicinal foods for many years now.  I got off all the crap and started putting wholesome living food into my body.  I have had moments of feeling the best ever since I began this. However, I have still had many bad moments, in feeling terrible and off.  I believed that I was insufficient in  getting all the minerals I needed.  I would tell myself it must be the ocassional sugar or coffee I was still indulging in.  I thought my immune system was just weak because of how hard I was on it in the past.  All this was true to a point, but not true also.
I believed unless I became perfect all the time in my diet, things would not get better.  Talk about stressful.  Eating perfect can be expensive if you don't buy in bulk, its hard to always find good food, takes time and preparation,  takes a lot of energy to always avoid temptations, etc.........


Thank God its not about this.  Its about shifting the major part of your diet to good foods, but its not about being perfect.  Its about having fun, enjoying the good foods available and finding combination that work for you.  Its about making minor sacrifices for feeling great.  Its about being aware of what you put into your body and making the right choices for clarity and excellent health.  Yes, we all have to make sacrifices. This is paramount to feeling alive. 
These sacrifices are minor, comparably.  We owe it to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of humanity.  If we do not feel good, we do not help shine the light on human evolution.  

Forbidden Foods - Food we should not eat. Start with your blood type.

Initially, I felt that if I was on a whole food and organic diet, I was doing what I needed to get healthy.  I had heard about the blood food diet, but did not give it much consideration.  I never followed it.

Then while writing on my computer one night, at the Staff of Life in Santa Cruz, I noticed a young girl several tables over unloading a bag with all types of medicinal foods.  She was preparing her own meals and had everything she needed.  I was amused by her dedication and decide to strike up a conversation with her.  Turns out she was following the BED,  Body Ecology Diet, written by Donna Gates.  This diet stresses types of foods to eat and to avoid, and teaches people about proper eating patterns and behaviors.  Donna has put together a diet based on balance and healing that everyone can benefit from in some way.  After a bit of discussing the book and the problems we had been experiencing, she mentioned to me that following her blood type diet was very beneficial to her.

Blood_drop : Different blood group and types representing red blood cells flowing through veins and human circulatory system representing donors and recipients of transfusions for emergency surgery in the medical health care system. 

At that moment something within me clicked, a light flashed in my head.  In was something I had read about in the past, but forgot about.  It was something I had not tried.  I decided to look it up after are conversation and was flabbergasted with what I saw.

There are four major blood types.  I am B-.  Take into account that everyone is different, and even within the same blood type, forbidden foods may vary.  However, in general, the foods listed for each blood type have shown negative results on specific blood after clinical testing.
So I looked up my blood type diet, and as I gazed over to the foods to avoid column,  I couldn't believe my eyes. There are not many foods that I must avoid, and the selection of foods I can eat is much greater, but the foods listed in the avoid column were a major part of my new whole food diet.  I saw avocados, tomato's, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, cinnamon, and even coconuts.  It was terrifying at first, then it was very exciting.  You see, I was not  happy at all to think that I would have to stop eating these foods, but if I would feel better by doing so, it was worth it.  Then I looked over to the columns of foods I could eat and saw the great selection I had to choose from.
So I decided to give this diet a try.  I have nothing to loose.

In just one week of following it I was feeling better.  Many of the problems I had been experiencing in the past started to subside.  I specifically noticed the calmness that came over me and feeling a sense of clarity.
Each new week that arises gives me a sense of getting stronger and feeling better.  Its like I had been over loading my body with toxic food all my life and was now in a state of ease. Not Dis-ease. A calmness has come over me that I am unfamiliar with.

There are a lot of reason why I have been feeling better over the past 6 years.  There are a handful of reason why my health has remained somewhat locked up, not being able to break through to the other side.  I believe this eating right for your blood type has opened up another door in my journey.

I believe now that everyone has a forbidden food.  Foods that they should not be putiing into thier body.  It makes perfect sense.  The same is true with all animals.  Certain foods cause harmful reaction and disturb the chemical process in the cells.  This is good news.  This is great news to find out about.
After all what is the single most important thing we can do to make this a better world ?  Feel good inside.    In general, we do not benefit anyone or anything if we feel miserable inside.
Our light can only shine bright if we make the small sacrifices,  follow a path of truth, and carry a high vibrational force.  There are exceptions to everything, very few when it comes to this. 

Lo Ve  & Peace

JaySun & Dakota the Wolf.

Knock, Knock

Who's there ?


Dakota who ?

Dakota the Wolf !!  Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf





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