Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Greetings beautiful people !!

Its been awhile since my last post.  I've been all over the country, from central California to southern California.  Then I made my way across the country to Ohio and then back to southern California.  Lots of driving, and lots of reconnecting with friends and family.  

The time I have spent in the past 3 months has been very important to evolution.  Notice here I did not say my evolution, rather evolution as a whole.  My evolution is not separate from the evolution of all human beings. We are all connected.  Many of the people I visited with I had not seen for a long time.  It was another world to me then.  Whats different now is,  I have a sense of who I really am and more so why I am here on this planet.  Talk about making a big difference.  This is a journey in life everyone must take in there own way.  We grow up in this crazy, full of distractions, society, and develop our perspectives based on whats outside of us.  We then become wiser and reevaluate those perspectives later in life, based on whats inside of us.  The degree of this varies with everyone, but the real journey is within us.  I clearly understand what it means when you hear wise men and women talk about, how we must die many times throughout our existence here on earth.  With this we let go of old believes and patterns that are not aligned with our salvation/enlightenment.  We are reborn again and replace these old believes with thoughts, feelings, and emotions that nourish our higher purpose.  For me it is clear why I had to loose everything in order to break through the madness.  This is a place where many people get hung up at.   They can't let go of old believes, feelings, thoughts, and emotions.  Fasting is a sure way to accomplish this, because your being enters a release mode.  You not only release toxins from your body, but from your mind and spirit as well.

Anyway I am going to post some pictures of the last three months that I have taken.  This is an attempt to recap much of what has gone on for me in this time frame.  I found myself exerting my energy in different places over the past 3 months besides blogging.  I would like to blog on a regular basis, but I am not going to force anything, if its not flowing though me.  We must flow like a river.

Peace be with you !!!!

There were many great moments throughout the past 3 months I did not capture with my camera.  Many friends and places, that I now wish I had recorded by taking a picture.  I'm not upset about it, but will keep getting better at doing so.

 My great friend Bruce on a cliff in Santa Cruz.(with his dog Paris Hilton) 
  One of the more conscious people I have ever encountered.

My best friend Sky ! (Ranger the king of his castle dog)  We've been through a lot together.  Thank you for the love you share with me.

Ivan the terrible.  King of the Jungle.

The under 20 minute man.  Justin Oconner.  My first best friend.  Its great to be hanging out in California after growing up together in Ohio.
  The Hub of Los Angeles.

Lots of driving. Lots of traffic on this journey. Life in traffic is a poor quality of life.

Life on the open road is much better.

The dynamic duo, Peter & Juwels.  Great friends who I spent the day with in Sedona.  We just finished bottling fresh mountain spring water.  You can see the water running out in the back.  Yeah Baby !!!

Ran into a little snow in New Mexico on my way to Ohio.

Me and the wolf playing in the snow.

The wolf tired of being in the van so much.

The largest cross in the USA.  Roadside.  A bridge to our understanding of a higher purpose in being.

I love observing the different terrains as I travel in my spaceship.

Finally reaching my destination state.

My sister and brother-in-law.
Jess I love you with all my heart.  Joe you are a great man.

 My wonderful mother with me and my brother-in law.
Thank you mom for the love you continue to you give me.
Your love has been my main source of fuel.

My awesome father, me, and my beautiful sister.
Thank you Dad for the generous gift this Christmas.
Thank you for all the encouragement you have showed me. 

My father, the wolf, and me.
It was great to meet my fathers new friend Kathy. She has a big heart and lots of great energy.
Not pictured above, but I wanted mention her, because she is awesome.

Back on the road again ! 

The Sun of the Creator.

There were many people along this recent journey that I do not have pictured above.  I would like to mention these special people, because they are very important in my life. 

The first is Jenny.  Jenny was my first great friend in California.  She is one of the most compassionate people I know.  Jenny has always welcomed me into her home for a nice retreat from the road.  It is my ( Dakota's) favorite place to relax. Thank You Jenny for the Being you are.

Then there is Russ and Stacey.  A dynamic duo who make this world a better place.  I am very fortunate to have friends like these two.

Joanna and her two dogs.  Joanna was my landlord for the past several years in Venice.  She is kind, compassionate, and a great person.  Thank You Jo !

Jason Sears.  A long time friend of mine that I grew up with in B.G. Ohio.  A great guy who is always up beat and ready to go.   We will be friends till the end.

Brian, his beautiful children and wife.  His mother and stepfather. My cousin, who I had not seen in something like 20 years.  I had always looked up to him when I was young and still think he's that cool cousin.

Then there were all my other family members, who I was blessed to reconnect with.  My grandfather, Papa.  What an amazing man.  My uncles Kevin and Matt.  My aunt Pam and cousin Laura.  My other cousins. uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and relatives.  It was awesome to see you all and share some time together.  
Thank You Kevin for the spectacular art piece you created.

Its amazing, how many lives we have here on earth.  This journey helped me to evolve and grow.
I am blessed for the life I have been given.
Thank you unproduced, producer of everything.

JaySun & Dakota the wolf. 


  1. Hey, you passed through my home state of Indiana! I have also seen that roadside cross on my way to a Renfaire in Missouri.

    I am unable to travel as I would like right now, so I enjoy reading about the adventures of others. Your posts and photos brighten my day!

    JaySun and Dakota, many happy trails to you :)

    1. Thank You dreaming blue for the good energy ! Next time i'm in your area, maybe I can stop and visit with you.

  2. That would be great - just give me a shout :)