Friday, July 19, 2013

 Best dog in the world ! 

Greetings friends and family !  Its been a while since my last post.  After making it back to California from Ohio, in January 2013, I spent the next 5 months setting my market up on Venice Beach.  It was great to be back in Venice, and receive lots of love from many old friends, and many new friends as well.  It really is awesome, living in such a vortex (LA), of many different energy's from all over the world.

A lot has changed for me in the past year and I would like to highlight a few of these changes.
The first is I started following my blood type diet.  This has had tremendous beneficial affects/effects on my health and well being.  I now know for sure, that there are foods I should not eat.  Whether this is due to my blood type, or another reason, I am not sure, but following the bloodtype diet is beneficial to my well being.  I immediately started feeling better, more often, once I eliminated certain foods from my diet.  Coconuts, avocados, tomato's, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, just to name a few are all foods I have pretty much eliminated from my diet. Notice that these are all healthy foods.  Its not just the white flower, white sugar, and processed foods that can be bad for our body.  There are certain proteins, and other elements, in the types of foods that our body can't deal with properly.  This could be due to blood type, lack of enzymes and bacteria, leaky gut, or actual allergies.  I think maybe actual allergies stem from one of the reasons mentioned above.  I know what your thinking, how could I eliminate those awesome foods listed above ?  Well, its really not a matter of how, once you understand why your are doing.  We all have to make sacrifices for feeling our best.  Its part of the law of nature.  Plus, I didn't look at what I was eliminating so much, but what all the wonderful foods I could include are.  Tuning into the foods that our inflammatory to our system is crucial and can change a person's well-being and outlook on life.  My health is much better this year than last year.

The next thing that is different for me, than last year, is my focus and awareness on minerals.  What types of minerals my body needs, when, how much, in what ratio's, and from where ?  Wow ! , talk about a lot to learn.  It seems overwhelming at first, but starts to come together and make sense, after a little perseverance and patients.  It takes me a lot of re-reading to finally grasp something and keep it stored in the main processing chip (brain).  Some days, it feels like everything is clear and the dots are connecting, and other days. it feels like I am in a maze lost.  The minerals, enzymes, bacteria, proteins, fats, etc.. are crucial to our well-being.  All these things just mentioned are not in the food anymore, like they once where.  Every past society has had things to cope with as far as nutrition and we are now coping with mineral deficient food.  (Also pesticide laced toxic foods.)  That equates to mineral deficient people.  That equates to cancer and every other inflammatory die-ease out there.  I have read often that if you analyze the mineral content of organic corn today, versus 100 years ago, there were up to 500 times more minerals in the corn 100 years ago.  I believe this is true because the soil was rich with minerals before industrial farming.  Today I focus on high mineral foods and supplements. I know I overdue it, but I would rather have to much than not enough.  I also feel like I am starting to grasp what it is I need to supplement and what it is I am getting enough of through the whole foods.  This is very important for my overall health, and lowering the cost per month, it takes me to sustain myself.


I am now video taping small segments about my adventures and will post on my blog.  I am really excited about this and feel that it is a great way to communicate with those interested in my journey.

My market on Venice Beach California

First video traveling up the coast

Thank You for watching !!!!!  Until next time...... 

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