Friday, August 2, 2013

Living Life Nomad Style

Greetings friends and Family !

There's something infused in the law of nature in preparing, working, organizing, and sustaining ones self to thrive. The catch is thrive, not just to survive.  What joy comes out of life, when you sacrifices your living and well being, to just eat and make it to another day.  Of course there are times to struggle in life, were we just get by, but be conscious of the web we are spinning, that catches something meaningful in our life.      

Today I thought I would post a video, I did yesterday of my market setup, in downtown Santa Cruz.
It was a beautiful sunny day and lots of artist were out.
I've been here in Santa Cruz for a couple weeks now.
I plan on heading north after this weekend and making my way up towards Mount Shasta.


JaySun and Dakota the Wolf, Woof !
: ) >

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