Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm going Solar !

Now that I think about it, we are all solar, and always have been.

I do not have a soul, sole, solar.  I am a soul.  I have a body.    : ) >

Greetings everyone.

Today I posted a video about my Solar panel installation project.

Its been on my project list for some time now.  Having Solar will allow me to enjoy the benefits of electricity.  This includes using multiple fans running most of the time for great circulation.  Always having strong cabin lights working all the time.  A refrigerator running most of the time, when I require it.  Finally making smoothies/juices/soups, with a blender.

Yeah baby !!!!

I am climbing the learning curve on knowing about electricity, and how it works with batteries, solar, alternators, and so on....  Like food supplements, there is a lot of information regarding this topic, not all good, not all right, you just have to sift through the information and learn by trial and experience.  What works best for you under the circumstances.  There is always a better system and always a worse.

If we are solar ?,  then how can we make our system more efficient ?
Keep it clean and filled with the right minerals, is the start.


JaySun & Dakota the Wolf, Woof !

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