Friday, August 22, 2014

China Town, San Francisco

Greetings !

I left Santa Cruz several days ago and now am on my way up the coast.

Each year I travel up the coast, my route is the same but different, different but the same.

You see each year I travel up the coast I am a little different then the year before.

Going back to my favorite places allows me a chance to tap into the things that I did not tune into before.

Visiting a place and getting to appreciate what it has to offer requires time and being in a good place within.  Where ever you go, there is good and not so good.  It always there and what ever you decide to make of it, is what appears in front of you.

The first stop I made after Santa Cruz was the Height - Ashbury district in San Fran.

Its an eclectic, artsy, bohemian area, that attracts many young people and travelers.  

I enjoy browsing the district and vibe-ing with the energy all around.

This was the only picture I snapped in the Height-Ashbury district this year.  Its a real people watching place.  That or the dog was thinking about running in the park.

My second major stop after Santa Cruz was China Town, San Fransico.

There's no other China town like China Town San Fran, unless your in a China town in the far east.

Say that fast 3 times,  : ) >

I love this place.  I guess because its so different from the bland, ordinary, corporate environment that plagues the USA.

So many small shops , with different owners, that supports many people in a more distributed way.

More color, soul, depth, did I say I love this place !

 The herbal and tea shops are endless.

 Many residents in the China Town district save some money, and planet resources, by hanging there close out to dry.  

 I do not know yet but I'll find out the story on this guy, because I can relate with him.

 That's it for this post.

The most important thing I'm concentrating on is making my good reality.

I get a little lost after being in Babylon (big cities) too long and start chasing my tail.

TV, traffic, signs, cookie cutter shops, leave blowers, helicopters, car alarms, car exhaust, electrical lines, sirens, too many people, garbage lined streets with fowl smelling sewers, all consume and drain your energy.  

I am more aware today of the places I need to be, more often than not, for my well being. 
Its all about the balance.  Get out of balance and life becomes a struggle.

Most of the time, what we really need, is to be in a place that allows ourselves to come out from within.  This requires a relaxed, charged, Jing energy.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

 Lo Ve

JaySun and Dakota the Wolf !  : ) >

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