Friday, August 8, 2014

Many ways to being healthy.

I don't know what I would do without my kitchen ?  No matter where I go, my kitchen is with me.  I spend a minimum of a couple hours a day preparing meals.

Being  nomadic or a house dweller, it makes now difference,  preparing our food/medicine is crucial.

Why ?  Because of several reasons.

A few are, to make sure we are getting good wholesome ingredients/nutrition into our bodies.  We never really know what comes in prepared food.  Many times its not the best ever.  Take restaurants for example.  Many use GMO ingredients, bulk low grade oils, hormone injected animal meat, and so on...

The best way to receive the nutrition from food, is to get it with the most energy.  It has the most energy on the vine.  This energy has to do with water, electrical charge, and either energy.  This energy is transported into our own vessel.  As soon as it leaves the vine it starts to lose this energy.     

Our health and vitality is directly connected to our well being.  How we feel mentally and physically is influenced, in the big picture, by what we put into our vessel/body.  The vessel that holds the light. 

Today I am posting a couple of short video's on food/medicine/energy preparation.

First video is on preparing Dakota's food.  2nd video on preparing my smoothie.

Santa Cruz Mountains

Lo Ve 

JaySun and Dakota the Wolf  : ) >

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