Monday, September 29, 2014

Mendocino County, Great Northern California

As I make my way further north, I am always taken by the serenity of the landscape, and tranquility that's comes with getting further away from the big cities.

Mendocino is lush with two types of forest, the seaweed forest and the land tree forest.  It becomes very apparent as the fresh water is flowing from the land to the sea.

Many major inlets, gulches, coves, are created at that point where the fresh water meets the salt water.   An explosion of many natural process happens here.  Birth and death.  Growth and erosion.  Yin and Yang.

As I make my way to these parts, I start searching and keeping my eyes out for the shinny multi-colored shells.  Yep, the Abolonie.  I started using Abolonie Shells in my art many years ago, and have become familiar with the many beaches that the shell gathers at.  Often I have to use a rope and climb down to these sacred spots.  

The Abolonie shell is and has been a very important part of human existence.  Through out history it has been used as a very medicinal food for those living on the coast and near by.  It is very nourishing and helps tonify or build the temple which is called our bodies.

The beautiful and exquisite shell is used in ceremonies and sacred gatherings.  It is most known for its use as a sage bowl by the native American Indians.

Van Dam State Park, just south of Mendocino town, is a regular stop for me these days.  I stop in and visit my good friend Craig.  Craig runs a kyack service there that takes people on tours of the sea caves and cliff sides. (Kyack ) This year I had a chance to get to know Craig and his family a little better.  It was really nice to share this experience of family and get to know these beautiful people.  His daughter Siena is so precious, and at that point in life, where she is still such a pure child essence.  His boy Dylon was a real adventurer and natural treasure hunter.  We had a strong connection together. We spent quality time talking and sharing about the treasures we found and the places we have explored. Thanks Craig and Magdalena for the love.

On this trip through Mendocino I discovered several new places and revisited those magical ones I am familiar with.

In this video I show you a quick tour through a spa I visited in the small town of Mendocino.  It had a great Sauna and several hot tubs.  Its a clothing optional spa so I rushed through the place while I had the chance.  : ) >   

More great pictures of Mendocino.

Its amazing how one feels after submerging themselves in nature.  I am not talking about a 2 day camping trip, although that does a person's well-being good, I'm talking about living for months in and around nothing but a natural God created environment.
Peaceful, relaxed, joyful, and loving is what I become after doing this.

Isn't that interesting, all those things we are are put here to experience, as human beings, happens in nature.

To understand the inner-self, one must also understand the outer world of natural life.  Its all connected.

Lo Ve

Jay and Dakota the Wolf, Woof !  : ) >