Friday, November 14, 2014

All mountains are full of hidden beauty. ~ John Muir

The Mecca !!!!!!!  Mountain Shasta.

Greetings to all you Light Beings !

Just came down off the heavenly Mountain after being there for a full moon cycle.

It happen again, same as last year, I went through a transformation.   I feel alive.  My Jing energy was charged up.

Arriving in the Shasta area, I went directly to the headwaters, didn't pass go, and gazed upon the liquid gold with grace.  I took a minute to give thanks, then filled my hands, and poured the water over my head.  I then drank the living water.  Instantly I felt a reviving energy spread over and within me.

Initially it took me many days to adjust to the area.  I felt pretty good on arrival.  I jumped right into the mountain actively, drinking the fully charged and structured water, swimming in the lakes, hiking the trails, and climbing the mountain at high altitude. 

However a few days into it I started to feel tired, drained, and began to get a fever.   This was not an ordinary fever.  It happen the first day I went up the mountain and passed the 7000 mark.  The fever lasted all night long.  It was probably the most intense fever I have ever experienced.  A burning sensation, like a furnace,  mostly in the upper part of my body.  The next day after a few hours of sleep I felt much better.  Very much like my body just purged out something that had been interfering with my energy flow.

I experienced two more fevers throughout the trip.  All were very intense.

Best dog in the world ! :) >

The sacred falls of McCloud River.

Taking a moment to absorb the light.

The meadows are were you find the medicine.

A wasp hive so beautifully and perfectly constructed.

A wonderful camp site.

There are so many hidden beauty's around the mountain.
It would takes months to explore them all.

Castle Lake.  One of the many pristine lakes around Mount Shasta.

Best dog in the universe !  : ) >

A little campsite art. : ) >

A purifying fire.

A abalone bowl filled with the ashes of the great dog, Mecca !  Along side of it a bowl filled with burning sage.  I performed a ceremony in celebration of my good friend and spread his ashes around the mountain.

A new discovery this year.  Ney Springs.

The journey to Mount Shasta is life changing.  I am not talking about a couple days.  I am talking about a full moon cycle.  After all, this is a cycle we go through each month, that is directly related to the energy of the universe.  We are affected by the Sun, Moon, Stars, and other planets in orbit.   As Above so below.  We are directly affected monthly, yearly, and so on.   There are many reasons why this journey has been so healing for me.  Just to mention a few, The oxygen rich air.  The living water.  The energy from the trees, animals, and mountain.  The peace and calmness.  Its a place where I naturally feel motivated to do my spiritual practices.  I am clear on my purpose here on this planet, in this human vessel, as a server of the light. We are not here to serve man, we are here to serve the Creator.

The first way to do this is find peace in our hearts.  Fill ourselves with light and love. 
Whatever the cost.  

In order to do this we must develop our own spiritual practices.  This has everything to do with the Yin and Yang.  The balance in the universe.  It is based on being connected with the creator at all times.  This is the way of life.  The Way !

For me, and many, retreating to a mountain, forest, nature.., away from the distractions is imperative. 
Being around people all the time is not good.  We must have time in silence, without distraction, to speak with the Creator.

We can build our energy and we can deplete our energy.  We can be in a regenerative state or a degenerative state.  We are energy composed of billions of cells and trillions of bacteria.  We are the one consciousness of these sacred geomotrical structures that holds the essence of life.

There are many reasons to why the Mountains are very healing.  I have come to believe it is one of the most important aspects in understanding life.  To understand a mountain is to understand life.

Lo Ve

JaySun & Dakota the Wolf  : ) >