Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Exploring Mount Shasta with a great friend. I am grateful.

Its been a few months since Dakota's Transition.  Life continues with and without him.  I feel a very strong connection to him even now.  In many ways, more than ever, he is a part of me.  Change is inevitable and in my new situation I am making the transition.  There are still moments when I am shocked he is no longer here with me physically.   After that initial shock, a feeling of Saoy comes over me, that vibrates every cell in my body.  Saoy is a word I just made up to describe a feeling of Sadness and Joy I experience wrapped into one.  Its like you cannot have the joy with having the sadness.  Or they are one in the same feeling.
The sadness is temporary, the joy is external.
Anyway life is not the same, nor will it ever be, but life is wonderful and beautiful.

I have much love in my life from many wonderful people.   I love all and everything for the most part on this beautiful planet.  The love is my strength.  The more I can love the stronger I get.  There are several  special people in my life who I consider my great friends and give me strength.  One such person is a friend I met on Venice beach, back in 2005, after Dakota and her god companion Mecca, started playing together on the beach.

This post is about the great time I experienced on Mount Shasta, with my great friend Jenny.

Shortly after Dakota's transition Jenny decided to visit with me here on Mount Shasta, and share the wonderful magic of the mountain and celebrate Dakotas transition.

It was another very powerful gift given to me at the moment to help me deal with Dakota leaving.

I picked here up at a two lane, tiny little airport, in Redding California.  We headed back  towards the mountain, and after grabbing a few supplies in Shasta city and going to the farmers market, we made are way to Panther Meadows campground on the mountain.

It was really great to be able to plan and prepare for an awesome camping trip with such a good friend.  I've enjoyed the company of many great people on my adventures outdoors, but only had a few times to be the host for an outdoor adventure.  It helped immensely in taking my mind off Dakota.
I even prepared/setup the first camp site for us the day before her arrival.  It was complete with a full stack of fire wood,  tent, and amenities to make are camping experience great.  It was a wonderful site with a spectacular view tucked away in a small cozy red fir mountain grove.

From that point on the magic began.

Our first camp site was at panther meadows around 8000ft.  Fortunately, and Unfortunately, we will still had cell phone service. The setting was beautiful and cozy in this surreall mountain setting.

Jenny capturing a spectacular view from one of the many different locations we explored around the mountain.

Me getting ready to hike Panther Meadows. 

Heart Lake.  A small high elevation lake located up from Castle Lake.
Both of these lakes are magical mountain lakes.  We were taken by the beauty and the serenity of it all. 
This is a must if you make it to these parts.

Our next campsite.  I believe we broke down and set up camp 4 times.  Each place was wonderful and revealed certain beauty of the land.  Its really nice to have two people to do this.  There are several chores each time we move camp.  Packing, loading, gathering cutting firewood, tent, supplies, etc...  Jenny and I got into a groove that worked well together. Its always nice to have things set and ready to enjoy the time.    I really love the chores though in the outdoor setting.

Jenny at Heart Lake

A view, from towards the top of Squaw Meadows.  The meadows on the mountain are magical energy vortexes that spring with life.  This is were water bubbles up out of the mountain and creates many small veins of water spreading down the mountain side.  Refereed to as a meadow.  Where this happens grasses grow, herbs, mushrooms, creatures, trees,  all spring to life.  This is were you will find medicine in many ways.

McCloud river.

This is when we just walked up to the most spectacular McCloud water falls.  This might be the most sacred place I've ever experienced, besides in the womb.  No picture could ever capture the beauty and magic going on at this location.

Jenny taking a moment to absorb the light.  If we always follow the light we will always be safe.

There were many stunning sunrises and sunsets.

We were blessed to experience this adventure during the Full Moon.  In fact, it was a Blood Full Moon.  The energy was vibrant and lit up the land night.

3rd campsite near Castle Lake.

Two rainbow trout fresh from the river.  We were blessed as we were walking back from McCloud Falls.  A camper had caught these that morning and gave them to us.  We gave thanks for the beautiful fish and stuffed them with veggies, butter, and spices.  We wrapped them in foil and grill them over the fire.  Every meal we had was awesome, as I like to cook and prepare nutrient packed meals, but this one was sacred and  nourishing in a much deeper way.  Thank you my friend the fishing camper.

Lake to the Gods, Castle Lake

Now here is a happy camper.


Jenny taking a moment to meditate.

Sacred Headwaters on Mount Shasta.  This is the start of the Sacramento River.  This Mountain is the start of many sacred water ways that run throughout the land like the blood in our bodies.  Nourishing and bringing life to everything around.  Here at these headwaters is where life begins.  Its were we vibrate with  the source.  There is a constant flow of other human beings coming to nourish there body, mind, and spirit.  It is the original church.  The place were people gather to wash themselves clean inside and out.  To become better at being spiritual beings having a human experience.

On the Mountain during the blood Moon Ceremony.  It was spectacular.  Hundreds of people gathered near the top of the mountain to celebrate the blood moon.  There was dancing around fires, drumming, singing, as we watched the sky turn dark and light back up again.  The white moon turned blood red and back again to the beaming shine white, it was.  

I am grateful.  Grateful for Mount Shasta, and all mountains on this planet.  I am grateful for the adventure I experienced with a good friend.  Together we shared life.  The closer I get with others, and the more I love,  the more I understand why I am here.
To love.    

Thank You Jenny !
I love you.