Friday, September 18, 2015

Dakota The Wolf, Goes Back To The Source.

Its the hardest thing I ever done, making the decision to let go of what I cherish most in this world.
To let go of a beautiful living being that brought so much light into my life.  Together we became one.

On September 2 2015 around 11:30 am Dakota passed away peacefully and quickly into my lap.

I could not have asked for a better life (14 years) with my good friend Dakota.  From day one, he began to open up my heart space and fill it with love.  Dakota was sent to me in 2001, at which time he was a year old. 
In 2003 my new friend and I began a new life together and broke free, unattached to walls and a roof, and started on the path less traveled.
It was another very difficult decision I made in life, but with Dakota by my side, it made the most sense.  Sense, not cents.

This way Dakota and I would always be together and create our own good reality.

We spent the next few years living outdoors, walking across the country, searching for the truth.  We slept under the stars, explored the mountains and forests, and became seekers of the water source. 

Dakota's part and roll in this life journey was priceless.  With him I could do any thing.  He filled me with such, motivation, joy, comfort, clarity, strength, inspiration, companionship, all wrapped up into love.  With Dakota I was never alone.  Of course Dakota in known throughout the country, as he marked thousands of tree across the land.  He also stalked about every creature there is on the west side of the continent. He loved exploring and was very curious to find out.  This inspired me in many ways.  It wasn't what we had materially that mattered, it was what we started to develop together, spiritually, that filled us.

 Dakota was always ready to go, his energy became my own.  He became a reflection of myself.  My best teacher.  He brought the best out of me.  He taught me patience, kindness, discipline, truthfulness, integrity, dignity, and the list goes on...... 

Around 2006 Dakota and I began our life in Venice California. 
We spent the next so many years growing together as I did my art on Venice Beach.  Again, he was my light.  He brought many beautiful people into my life constantly and through his good spirit reassured me we were on the right path.

He was a healer to all and would always show affection to those that needed most. I cannot express in words the joy he brought to my life.He showed me how to be.

After rooting down for a while in Venice California, Dakota and I decided to up root again, and start another journey.  I realized, from my own health and Dakota's, that being indoors and anchored to a spot to long was not the best thing for us.  I mean we were the most vibrant and alive when we were moving and flowing on the trail of life.  With the same environment, everyday, life became madain and stagnant.  When the water becomes stagnant dis-ease sets in.   I could disregard in this matter my own aliments and depression that were creeping in, as me not being good enough in my daily practices, etc.... but I could not do the same with Dakota.  His spirit was pure.  I realized our vitality and wellbeing depended on being in nature away from the cars, noise, sewage, buildings, lights, signs, crowds, concrete, all types of distractions and toxins.  We needed trees, plants, silence, creatures, bugs, birds, springs, rivers, lakes, stars, clean air, and trails.

This is the 3rd consecutive year Dakota and I traveled up the coast.  I believe 6 times total up the coast.  The first walking.  The next two speratic as we were basing out of Venice.
I am so grateful that I was able to share the last months of his life on the trail heading north.  This is were we felt the most alive.  Dakota was still spunky and up for the adventure.  He always was. Often he would rub his nose on his front legs, and make a quirky grunting sound when he was content.(joyful)
I know it was our will that kept us together for so long. 

After the north coast we made our way inland to the forest and mountains of Mount Shasta.

We've had some of the best times together here and I could not thing of a more perfect place for us to part ways.  Dakota has climbed up the mountain and ran through the forest trailing the scent of bears, deer, and mountain lions.

In caring for Dakota, I learned the importance in nourishing the temple with living wholesome foods.  I watched his behavior become more calm, charged, clear, steady, as I improved his nourishment, as well as my own.  Towards the end I was steaming his vegetables, and lightly cooked his meat.  Dakota was on more herbs and superfoods than most people.  It really made the difference as he grew older.  You see he never lost his health, really.  He remained remarkably vital up until his last moments.  No cancer, no operations, no medicines, and absolutely no vaccinations towards the latter part of his life. Included into this was consistent exercise, nature stimulation,  good rest, truth, and lots of love.
Its really quite simple,  good health, not easy,but simple.  With Dakota I learned and understood this.

I understood it was Dakota's time to leave a few weeks after arriving here in Mount Shasta.  He still had spunk and was giving me his support like always, but I could see it became more difficult for him to do, and he was finding it harder to get comfortable.  You could say the ride was becoming bumpy.  I could sense he was beginning his transition.  We were already at that point were I was accomidationg him anyway I could to make his senior years more comfortable.  Picking him up, carrying him places, proping up pillows for him to lean on, hot wholesome foods, massages, etc......

I realize that I was doing that for him and me.  Much more beyond that point would have been for me only.

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, making the decision to let him go.  But I know it was the right one for him.
Dakota you will always be with me in the form of love.  This is eternal love that never dies.  I understand it now, how it is so powerful and may be the exact reason we are here on earth.  To experience this love with one another.

You have given me much power and strength through this ever lasting love, and in doing so, you may free yourself of me, and move on to the next unfolding in your spiritual awakening.

Because of you I have no fear.  I am alright now.  Although words cannot express it, Thank You.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you !  
The last words I said to Dakota while looking into his eyes.

I was with you until the very end. 

Short Video of a special place I created on the mountain for Dakota and I and end of post.

Dakota Photo Album.

My love for you Dakota is eternal.

The building of a special place for Dakota to rest.

An initial way for me to release and cope with the loss, not having Dakota by my side after 14 years, was to create a special place for him. It is part of the grieving/celebration process, A way for me to remember, cherish, and celebrate the love Dakota and I experienced/shared together. A way for me to express that love in a creative way. I worked on Dakota's place until I ran out of tears.  Until I was physically exhausted and could not cry any longer.  Around 2 weeks.

Short Video with Dakota song at bottom.

This place is for connection, reflection, being, breathing , speaking the truth,  loving, and have clarity.



2000 - 2015

I love you !



  1. What a lovely memorial. Peace to you both Jayson.

  2. First time I found your blog. Very sorry for your loss but happy for your life with Dakota.

  3. Dear Jayson, what a wonderful memorial you made for your best friend Dakota, it brought tears to my eyes. He was a very special dog and had a beautiful energy around him. Maybe you remember me, we met in March at the Venice broadwalk, I'm Ulrike, the girl from Germany.

    I wish for you all the best and hope that your strong spiritual connection to your dog will lead you through the process of mourning.

    Big hug from across the ocean.

  4. My dear Jaysun, two Rumi quotes come to mind when I think about your life with Dakota:
    " Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart" (Dakota knew that). "Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes 'round in another form" (YOU know that)
    Love always, Kathy S.

  5. Hola me gusto su blog son hermosos los paisajes y Dakota tambien.

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