Friday, August 30, 2013

North of the San Fran Bay, Marin County, California

Hallelujah !

Hello friends !

I am in Sebastopol California, Marin County.  Its about a hour north of the San Francisco Bay.

I spent the last couple weeks slowly making my way up the west coast from Monterrey Bay.

My first stop was Pacifica, then into San Francisco to Height Ashbury.  I spent the night here at Height Ashbury and strolled around a bit with Dakota.  I could not believe all the young travelers occupying the area.  It seemed like a Mad Max movie, with the packs of nomads and there gear lining the walkways.  

I made my way over the Golden Gate the next morning, almost directly to Stinson Beach.  I love the windy sea cliff drive, after the bay, as you look over the cliffs edge, and see the mighty Ocean crashing below.  

I landed myself in Stinson Beach, a place I stop every time I come up the coast.  The people here are open and friendly.  A friend of mine now, named Ocean, owns a little gift shop named Many Villages.  He buys crafts from small artist all over the world as he travels around.  He has always bought from me as I travel through and sell my art.

I gotta say, that if I had to choose an area for permanent location, I would choose Marin County.  It has everything and then some.

The Ocean, sea cliffs, forest, rivers, streams, mountains, hills, lagoons, bays, marsh land, animals, villages, organic farms, lots of wild foods and herbs, the high vibe consciousness people, and the near by Babylon's, that are just far enough away were they don't seem to pollute the ecological system of the land.

Its paradise.

I've included a couple short videos below.

A regular practice.  I believe regular prayer throughout the day is to clear the brain and acknowledge the source of all things.  Stay connected.  What better way to do this than ground ourselves to the earth, barefoot,  and even place our forehead on the ground.  Then we get a direct connection of the healing earth energy to our pinal gland and brain.  This promotes cellular health, connection, and free flowing electrical charge. Chi, Prana,  etc.....

Until next time, peace !

JaySun and Dakota the Woof, Wolf !



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