Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bolinas Lagoon, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Salutations !!!!!!

All is great in Bolinas California.

I'm hanging out here on the coast next to a lagoon. 

One of the best places to walk the beach and find many treasures.

Driftwood here is abundant.

I've also been blessed by my friend Ocean, to stay at his wonderful nook, on the side of a sea cliff.

I've included a few short video's below to show you what I've been experiencing recently.

I am grateful !  : ) >>>


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  1. Hi JaySun,

    The videos are a fun addition to your blog, and I wanted to tell you I bought one of your mobiles from Sarah at the Garden shop in Carmel. She was so nice and shipped it to me out here in Indiana. It's beautiful art, I love it!