Thursday, September 12, 2013

Volcanic, The Mecca, MOUNT SHASTA

Never have I been to such a place. 

This is my second time in Mount Shasta, in this life, but really my first time here consciously, in this life.

Its amazing how you can be somewhere, but not be there?

I have spent the last few weeks among one of the major portals of this planet into the cosmos.

Mount Shasta !  The mountain of many names, over the past 7000 plus years, that we know of.

I have recently heard it said that old growth giant trees are the mother, the provider of stability, of the ecosystem that surrounds them.  I believe this is true.

I also now believe the same is true for Mount Shasta.

It is the mother, the heart, the provider, and foundation for the ecosystem that surrounds it for hundreds of miles.    

From it flows the blood of the earth to provide mineralization for all creations around it.

In the next series of blogs, I will be posting some of the places and experiences I have had, here at Mount Shasta.

These videos, pictures, and words, can only give you a small glimpse into what Mount Shasta is.

For like the creator, there are no words or pictures that can truly describe what it is.

It must be experienced to understand.

Peace and Mount Shasta !!!

JaySun and Dakota the wolf !, woof !

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