Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mount Shasta Post 2

Greetings all you earth beings !

There are many blood vessels all over the planet.  Although they would be called water springs, they  do the same to the planet, what blood does to our organs and tissue inside our bodies.

This precious structured water carries to and spreads minerals, nutrients, bacteria, to many ecosystems on the planet.  It also serves as a type of detox to these vital ecosystems, carrying away toxins to be dealt with in a way that renders them neutral, eventually circulated back into the stream of life.  It is interesting how all springs lead to streams, creeks, and rivers.   Eventually leading to the mighty salty Oceans, or filter through the ground layers to large holding tanks under the earth crust.  (Aquifers)  

This life process not only delivers the nutrients, then filters it, but also structures the water in away to carry the essence of all life, to living organisms, in form that is absorbed into the cells matrix.

This process is the absolute perfect system.  It cannot be improved on.

The reason I'm focusing on this, is, because I recently had the wonderful experience of seeing this system first hand, on Mount Shasta.

It has given me a whole new appreciation and the understanding of a mountains role in the macro.

Mountains/Volcano's form in precise geographical locations in order to sustain and support the planet.

Mount Shasta can be considered a heart of the planet.

There is water/blood streaming from the mountain in all directions.

Below is a first of several video's that I will be posting on Mount Shasta.

Where the water comes from the heaven and the earth.

The video's get better

Peace and Mount Shasta



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