Friday, September 20, 2013

Mount Shasta Post 3 - Headwaters

Mount Shasta,  Le Source !!!!!

Its a starting point for much of the water flowing in the north west.

If you didn't know, there are many sources throughout the planet.  We have been disconnected from them.  They are capped off and run back underground to pipes, into a factory building,  or diverted from there original flow over the land.  Did you know that a large portion of the water running into LA is from northern California.

Did you know the demand for water is out weighing the supply.    This is especially true if you understand that clean healthy drinking water is rare.  If you think about the natural cycle of the earths rejuvenation process, then we are using up all clean healthy water that's suppose to be for our kids and so on....When I say clean, I mean, free of chemicals, pollution, and high levels of total dissolved solvents.  When I say healthy, I mean, structured living water full of electrical energy and absorbable minerals.

It blows my mind how good and healthy I feel after drinking water from the source for a while. 

Especially when I bottle it each day from the flowing spring.  Its the same as vegetables and fruit.  Once you've pick the water from the spring it starts loosing its structure and energy over time.  Same is true  when you pick a cucumber from its vine, or an apple from a branch.  So the sooner you can absorb the food/water from the source, the more beneficial it will be to the organism/body/temple.  
Spring water coming from the ground can be compared to a perfectly ripe vegetable or fruit ready to be picked and eaten.

Well here in the City Park at Mount Shasta you can pick the apple from the branch everyday.
Or bottle the Spring water from the source.  I believe this is the best thing we can do for our health.  There is something about having this structured, full of energy liquid, running through our system often, that that keeps everything vibrant and healthy.  Here's a perfect example of the micro and macro.  Lets compare a human cell to a body of water on the planet.  If the water in a creek, river, or lake, becomes stagnant or stops, disease, sets in.  This is true for a human cell.  If good structured water cannot be absorbed then disease sets in.  No water coming in means no fresh nutrients and build up/preventing toxins from being released.
Our cells do not absorb degrated, toxic laced, damaged water, coming form the tap or plastic bottles. Can you blame them?   This is why you can drink water all day and still be dehydrated.

I am starting to go off here, but for good reason.  Its that important !  You see people can survive for a long time.  Same is true for a plant that is in depleted soil and has very little, or toxic water.  But that plant will not thrive and be happy.  The flowering and fruiting might not take place at all, and that plant will only be in a weak state for its duration here on earth.  This is exactly whats going on with people.  This is exactly what was going on much of my life, until I started tapping into the source.

Back to Mount Shasta........Le Source of healthy structured water.

Its the mother for much of the life here on this part of the planet.
The spring and glacier water flowing from the mountain is amazing.

Below I am posting a video of the Head Waters here in a city park at the basin of Mount Shasta.

Peace and Mount Shasta !!!!!! : ) >        

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