Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mount Shasta Post 4

Becoming Wild Healthy !!!

Greetings friends and family.

In this post I am including some great pictures of a hike I did on the Mountain.  Squaw Meadow (South Gate Meadow)

  A dog content after a long day in nature.

 Mount Shasta

  The Sun of God

 This may be a Bristle cone Pine.
The oldest known trees on the planet

  Squaw meadow (South Gate Meadow) on Mount Shasta. About 8000 plus feet elevation.

Squaw meadow

 Crazy looking Dr. Suess plants growing on the mountain side.

 Getting closer to the source of the water coming down the mountain.  Squaw meadow.
This rock bed is streaming with crystal clear water.

Le Source.  The water is flowing out of the mountain here.  Full of grasses, wildflowers, and moss.
I felt very blessed to have experienced this place.

I only have to be in nature to understand what life is all about.  Consciously connected. 

Peace, love, and Mount Shasta !

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