Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mount Shasta post 5

McCloud Waterfalls

I mentioned in my last post about being Wild Healthy.

After spending a few weeks swimming in the natural water (lakes, rivers, creeks), drinking the living water, (streams) and hiking up and down the mountain, you start to get wild healthy.  Its the way god intended us to be.  Connected to the source.

I spent the day at McCloud Falls.  What a spectacular place.  Just around the corner of Mount Shasta City, setting more east at the base of the mountain, are 3 waterfalls.  Lower, middle and upper falls is what they call them.  The crystal clear water flowing is powerful as it moves over and around giant boulders created by the lava flow many years ago.  The vegetation is exploding all around, as is many types of different life forms, that gather in this special place.

I ran up and down, from the lower falls to the upper falls, about a mile or so a part.  This was a great way to get my exercise going for the day and my body heat pumped up as I plunged into the ice cold water.  Talk about feeling alive !

I met two spiritual seekers at the base of the upper falls.  They were jumping in and out of the water as was I.  We took turns taking the plunge and in between talked about the truth of nature and how we raise our vibrations as living beings.  It was the best day ever.

I did not get pictures of all the falls, but did of the middle falls. A video also.

Next year I plan I staying here a few days, so will get photos of the entire area.

Middle Falls

Middle Falls

Yet another magical space created by the epic mountain, Mount Shasta.
I cannot express it enough, everyone would benefit by visiting this magical place.

Peace, Love, and Mount Shasta.

JaySun and Dakota the Wolf, Woof !

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