Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gem & Mineral Show - Quartzite Arizona

Greetings spiritual beings !

Universal energy manifest in many ways through many things.

Gem stones and crystals are a wonderful example of this.

The meromorphic stones are enlightened stones.  They transcend in energy.  They become transparent to the light. They drawl on etheric energies and radiate these forces out through vibration, magentisim, polarity, colors, shapes, heat, minerals, etc... which are all really just one energy manifested in many ways.

We are like these precious stones. In fact, we as humans beings, are all things in combination with the energy.

My recent adventure got on the way several days ago.  I am in Quatzite AZ at one of the biggest gem and mineral shows in the US.  I've been here almost two days and only have been able to explore a small % of the show.  It would take a good week, or so, to investigate and explore thoroughly the treasures on display here.

I love it !!!!!

This year I have decided to invest in many of these wonderful treasures.  I will use the material in my art, to communicate the message of the universe too others, that I have been receiving.

Crystals and meromorphic stones have a direct connection to the etheric energy in the universe, that brings life to all things.

In my understanding thus far, these stones help us to pull in and absorb this etheric energy, into our physical and spiritual being.

Its not voodoo or black magic, its understanding and nourishing the subtle bodies, that every human has.  The aura if you will.  These energy's, that are part of us, are very strong when we are brought into this world.  That is if we are not born toxic.  As we age this ability to bring in this energiy weakens.  This happens for many reasons.  A major reason is if we become toxic or deficient in the physiological  minerals. This in turn weakens and blocks the flow of the vital force energy.

Anyway, crystals help bring in this vital force energy.  The cleaner are tissue and blood becomes, and the more of the right minerals we build our matrix with, the more this energy flows into us.

Here are some pictures of this enourmous Gem and Mineral show in Quartzsite Arizona.

There are powerful stones in all mountains.
Driving into Quartzsite.

Quartzsite is a small desert town inhabited by snow birds and rock hounds.  

There are hundreds of stands like this that pop up each year during the show.

This is a buyers market for crystals.

This is cave stalagmite.

You see these off road vehicles a lot.  They are for the rock hounder's going up to the mines.  

This is a piece of amber from Indonesia I bought.  That is all amber behind me on the tables and in bags.

I am grateful.  Thank you Universe. : ) >

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