Monday, July 21, 2014

Los Padres National Forest, Ojai California

Greetings Friends and Family !

I recently had the pleasure of camping in and exploring the Los Padres national forest.

In addition to being in this beautiful land, I had the opportunity to share this experience with one of my best friends, Jenny.  (and the crew, Bobo - Fernando - Buster - of course Dakota the Wolf)

Only a couple of days out in the forest away from the Babylon (LA), does a spirit good.

We started our adventure up the coast past Ventura at Rincon Beach.


This is one of those hidden local surf beaches that is off the map to the masses.  Its a slice of paradise tucked away in a little nook along the coast.  Included here is a awesome beach hut lounge area, built from large driftwood logs and washed up palm leaves.  Complete with barbeques, surfboards, and about anything else you would want on the beach.

As we made our way inland, towards the forest, we stocked up on firewood and last minute supplies.

This was the first time on a camping adventure for Jenny's dogs, so they were often on seat edge with excitement.  Or in Bobo's case a little nervous. : )

The next stop in our journey was at the healing waterfall and mountain spring.  This place has been a savior to me and really the only way I manage to stay in Babylon (LA) for long stretches.



I try to make it out here a couple times a month, while in Venice.  Its were I do my forest bathing and soaking in the healing water.  Its a magical place full of bee's, dragon flies, hawks, lizards, and even rattle snakes.

 Next we drove to the top of the mountains and scoped out a camping place.  After stopping and talking with several people, we decided to try a camping place further down the road.  Myself and Jenny, as do many people, enjoy setting up camp next to a creek or water source.  It adds a lot of enjoyment to the experience. 

After a bit of driving and map reading we reached our next destination.  Reyes Creek, just past Pine Mountain.  We were getting a bit exhausted driving in the van, so it was a real treat to arrive at a great camping area.  There was a beautiful creek running through the camp grounds, with lots of great camping spots.  Of course many of the spots were occupied, but we managed to find an awesome one.

This was the scenery of our camping spot.

This seemed to be Jenny's favorite spot in the camp grounds.  


We relaxed, built a fire, shared a good pale ale, and spread out our bedding on the ground.  We decided not to set up a tent so we could get a good view of the stars.  We were not disappointed.  The stars were incredible.  I could see the Milky Way and trillions of stars in the sky.   We slept good, did a short hike in the morning and made are way back over Pine Mountain.

Next we drove back to Rose Valley and checked out a waterfall I had heard about.  It was a short hike into the woods.  I am very grateful we decided to do this, for the running water was pure serenity.

 This is one of those special places were I feel privileged and humble to experience this magical spot.  Its a energy vortex were truths of the universe are reveled to you and a understanding of life is instilled in our awareness. That is if we are quite and observe and not observe.  Its as if we are allowed to peek into the workings of the cosmos. 

 We let the falling water flow over us and I even took a drink from the healing water. 

 The last place we decided to stop before heading back to LA, was Ventura Beach.

Ventura is one of those small coastal communities that lacks the fast pace and hustle and bustle of the big cities.  Its awesome.  There are several great beach parking areas along the coast where many locals and travelers congregate.  Take a stroll along the beach, surf, sale, rollerblade, take a bike ride, or just have a nice little picnic, with a great Ocean view.  This is what Jenny and I decided to do.
 Fortunately my van is equipped with a full kitchen so I made us nice afternoon lunch.

   Lamb, steamed veggies, raw goat cheese, and black garlic.  It was perfect

 This trip was a quick get away from the city.   A must for everyone.  It is a way to be free of the distractions and reset or selves to what is important in life.  It doesn't have to be a big city to take a break form it.  It could be a small city or just getting away from the everyday routine and environment.  I believe this is part of the balancing out our lives and being grateful.

I had a great time and would like to express my gratitude to Jenny for us sharing this experience together.  It was the best ever.

I love you Jenny and the crew.  The crew created some stress at moments, but really it was good stress, and them being there made the trip more fun and complete.

I look forward to our next camping trip.

Thank you to all my friends and family.

Its the end of July 2014, I just got back on the road, on my journey up north.  I do this every year and will continue to do so as I make my life an adventure.  I am excited to start blogging again a will do so more often, especially in the next several months.

Lo Ve

JaySun and still hanging in there at 14 1/2, Dakota the Wolf.  : ) >     

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