Monday, August 4, 2014

One of the ways I make it work !

Greetings from Santa Cruz California !

I have been back on the road now for a few weeks.  I've been squatting in one of my favorite places for the past couple of weeks, Santa Cruz.

This is a place to heal, recharge, and relax.

Also, this is a place that allows me a chance set up my market and sustain my way of living.

It is really the ideal situation for me.

I can set up in downtown Santa Cruz, and still maintain a peaceful vibe within.  Unlike Venice Beach, which is full of noise, to many people, to many vendors/artist, to much toxins, etc...

Don't get me wrong, I am very appreciative for Venice Beach, but its hard to maintain the good energy within.

Santa Cruz is ideal.  I am more grateful for this place each time I come back.


Its a magical place that is not to big and not to small.  You are tucked in between the redwood forest and Monterrey Bay.

I am now a regular in Downtown Santa Cruz.  There are many regulars that visit with me daily and weekly.

Its not that I have art and stuff that is so amazing, as it is about, the experience each passer by is looking for in connecting with a fellow being and sharing some good energy.  This is why it is so important for me to maintain peace of mind within.  The vibration I am holding has a direct influence on how well my business is going.  How well the day is going, how well my market is attracting people, and how pleasant the experience is we have together.  If I feel as if my vibe in low that day, I will avoid setting up, or pack up and leave.

Its really something that requires focus and practice.  That is, maintaining a high vibe.  If we cannot do this more often that not, we are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing.  It is not about having a bunch of money, although it is about having the essentials that we need.  Its about keeping things simple and staying aware of how things affect our vibration.  Everything either raises it or lowers it.     

I park several blocks away under a large tree.  I park under the tree to keep the van cool during the sunny hot days.  We are not permitted to have animals with us, while setting up in downtown, so Dakota must stay at home.  ( Where ever the van is parked at the moment  : ) > is home.)  I have come up with a handy way to carry all the things I need to set up my market.  Its all about simplicity and allowing things to flow each and everyday.  I enjoy the long walk and get some exercise in doing so.
I set up my market up, up and down the coast, where ever I can.  Some places I am asked to leave and others I am welcomed with open arms.

It takes a lot of courage and being humble.  I try to make it a positive thing were ever I am at, at the moment.  I must let down my guard and welcome passer by's into my world.


More great blogs to come......

Lo Ve

jaySun and Dakota the old wise wolf !  

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