Friday, June 26, 2015

Trail of Light - Big Sur California 2015

Back on the Trail of Light !

Greetings friends, family, fellow beings.

Its been a long minute since my last post.
Its all about the state of being I am in.

Its quite clear to me that I spend part of the year expanding and part of the year contracting.

This is a natural pattern throughout nature, as the Sun energy ebbs and flows from the earth, each year.

Its about getting in rhythm with this natural cycle of the universe.

 It is important to restore, rest, and regenerate during the contraction period.

It is important to maintain the light, in the darker periods of the year,  through discipline and practice.

Fasting, exercise, sleeping, and eating, are several of the ways we must do this.

Its all about balance, especially, as we grow older. 

This is crucial !  I also understand more, as the earth travels around the Sun, the importance of fasting.  Its simply the only way to purge your system of unwanted stowaways, that everyone has. It gives organs time to regenerate, it resets metabolic functions, on, and on, and on.  It is part of the natural cycle. 

You could say, we grow in an automatic way up to a certain point, and then, after this point, we grow according to our practices and applied wisdom.  Or, degenerate and die, if we do not apply preserving practices. 

Let the light come in !

I am filled with Joy to be back in motion.  Flowing like a river.

I have been on the Trail for a few weeks now, and just pasted through a major Vortexes on the planet.  Big Sur California. 

Grand ! Splendor ! Powerful ! are  a few words to describe it.

This is a place, where you can not help but to feel, the grace creation. It clears my head, a reassures me that, there is something bigger, more important than the reality that has been created by most people. (Society)  

Its all here, the universal energy's.

   Big Sur Coast

Short (Intro) Video on beach at Big Sur.

Seal beach, just before Big Sur.

As above so below.  Where ever the fresh water meets the Ocean, is where you will learn about life.

On of the many hidden coves along Big Sur coast line.

Ocean Art.  

Phieffer Beach at Big Sur

Lots of rock sculptuing going on.

Best dog in the world !  15 1/2 years now.  

Love and Light !  On the Trail of Life.  : ) >