Friday, August 14, 2015

A sacred practice in harvesting the medicine from the Sea. Seaweeds

Short video below.

Hello mother Ocean !,  The greater nurturer of the planet.  When I am with you I understand life, the great energies of cosmos.  The outer and inner revealings of how things flow and coexist.  Grace is what you give to me, thy do honor you so from the debts of my bones.  Bless it is me, who has been set free.  I am a server of the light.

     What I just said above is very real and a homage I say to the great spirit. The more we can focus on the connection the more we become connected.  Prayer and meditation are ways to do this, but we can do this constantly, and should do this constantly throughout the day, to stay connected.  There is no better way to stay connected than outdoors in nature.

Nature is the foundation for building a believe system.

In the past 2 weeks I've been on the Mendocino Coast line gathering sea medicine(seaweed), a practice that is as old as mankind. 

This alone has made my journey up north worth the sacrifices and energy I put into to making this happen.

I have been into learning about the natural medicine for some time now, but over the past few months this has exploded. Plants, fungus, algae, bacteria, spring water, are things everyone should learn about.  Not in a scientific way solely, but a spiritual way more importantly.  Seaweeds are superfoods and medicine that everyone should be absorbing.  They are fairly simple to gather and dry out. Seaweeds are loaded with minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, fiber, and iodine.  All very absorbable and balanced out,  God Created. 
This food/medicine source has been a staple in human existence.  It may even be so important, as to activate a wholesome digestive process.

Meaning we were always suppose to have his in our diet for a complete human being.

It is so true that pictures say a thousand things, so in the attempt to keep this blog post brief and light, I will show some that shed light on my writing above.

This is a memorial for the little sea creatures that sacrificed there lives during the gathering of this seaweed.  Little snails and sand fleas.  I am grateful and will not waste my life in vain.


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